It becoming a Road To WrestleMania and the power is going up.

Current status of WrestleMania full power. with Becky Lynch out of the picture for wrestlemania and now Charlotte flair to take her place the WWE is on for a rocking WrestleMania at Charlotte flair will face the newcomer to WWE Ronda rowdy Rousey. a staggering number of WWE Superstars and divas have spoke out to the highest competition of this match the best in the business go one-on-one inside a square circle at WrestleMania on April 7th but I wonder how and where Charlotte Flair’s going to find the maneuverability to out wrestle or outdo rowdy Ronda Rousey.

It official 👍 for Wrestlemania and so is next Monday for Charlotte Flair’s father as will be joining the team of Superstars to celebrate his birthday

Turn 70 year old it Flair Birthday Special

can you believe it flair has been around for seven centuries 10 years more than any man in WWE he is seeing 70 years of WWE Superstars and he remembers every one of them.

so let’s celebrate Ric Flair’s birthday the wrestlemania and is very special tribute on the WWE Network to Ric flair all week long celebrating his 70 years of birth his statement to WWE is spin jet flying limousine riding any type of fun you can have is Ric flair style.

I think the best quote that I ever heard out of Ric Flair’s mouth was to be the man you gotta beat the man and that man is Ric flair. he truly is the man for next 3 hours next Monday on raw and it all comes down to who is going to be there.

could it be the revolution of evolution Ric flair Randy Orton triple h and Dave Bautista all to celebrate a 70 year old man’s birthday Ric flair. could it be degeneration soon-to-be Hall of famers x at Monday Night raw. and will this be the biggest event to hit Monday since Monday Night raw where I’m here and what will Ric flair remember back to seven years ago on his birthday.

yes ladies and gentlemen D-Generation x has officially become the first entry inductees into the WWE Hall of Fame it will be d generation as triple h Shawn Michaels X-Pac road Dogg and many more join them for the greatest in Hall of Fame inductees take on China to remember her and the Hall of Fame induction ceremony April 6th at the Barclay center and Brooklyn New York.

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