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Decades ago 1971 and they still haven’t let go of a man who passed away in 1979 the league you liberal snowflakes hold on to something that is not worth holding onto really a golden word which she spoke.

How can a hundred and ten year old man’s interview in 1971 be the top news of the day this man served in his own way and spoke the truth of America he was an All-American man she made an American Western and yet the Liberals and the Democratic party was victimized him as a cruel and sensible human being.

Just to bring a little bit of light to the subject lines that did an article on John Wayne this past week so in Fox News followed it up here is the life the article on John Wayne.

So the interview they talked about homosexuals and it was a quite revealing interview, to say the least but John Wayne had a point of view so I’m getting really curious how come they the media and the Liberals want to make a Target out of an innocent dead man who didn’t do anything wrong who never said a file word and who always respected everybody he met.

So the ironic thing of this whole thing is is it they’re going to take a dead man and they’re going to basically destroy his character and then they’re going to inseminate some sort of racist remark or a Marxism on him to make sense of what is going on in America today.

A very open-minded in casual conversation is what is needed and I don’t think our government sees that is such a thing and I don’t think the liberal see it either because they don’t want to have a casual conversation they want to jump to judgment they want to judge everybody before they even try and understand what and how they feel so much rather be a sarcastic a******* and Casper’s on an innocent man dead man’s body then try and get the truth.

So the white lie Across America is it liberals have an opinion but conservatives in people who speak out against certain things are inferior like John Wayne his attitude his conservative way his beliefs are pulled into question once again by the media who want to make cheap unpremeditated shots at him because of his belief.

I would submit to anyone that lying cheating and misinformation is not going to serve your purpose and if you want to take an interview for 1971 in Ringgit 50 years into the future then allow me to renege you with some information back then certain things were not acceptable certain things were actually unacceptable and back then people smoke how they felt they didn’t have to try and understand what you or anybody else felt about it because it was a freedom of confirmation the freedom of conversation the freedom of speech he said how he felt and he couldn’t be held responsible even if you tried.

His opinion was then it’s now our opinions he’s passed away he’s been gone over 50 years and if we’re going to continue to use an old interview and the Liberals are going to continue to make a Target and I was dead man then I’d like to see what they’re going to do when people actually say in life.

Anti-Semitism is alive racial racial profiling is alive Marxism is alive and it’s the truth because it speaks to level of the democratic party that we have nowadays these simpleton people who make racist fascist remarks have no respect for people or life and they want to take away the liberty and the equality that we have to work so hard to achieve capitalism understand freedom of speech and a misunderstanding of the life and Liberty that we have nowadays.

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