Love Versus Hate

This is Type of Hate 😡 In Fashion

I am going very expressive right here and Now. This status post make sick when I hear a dead man in the News.

John Wayne Interview turn in News

Racist or Just Honestly Legend of old fashion lifestyle.

It amazing how the society has taken to make racist and or Marxist for their opinion .

John Wayne the man was born in 1907 he has done a lot for his time and now coming up on 1971 the 21st era Democrats have decided that they want to make a Target out of a Deadman 1979 John Wayne passed away the man himself was a living legend and an icon for the younger generation. this controversial interview I guess is what they’re calling it has become the talk of the Town and now I’m going to do a few things are probably going to sound unkind or just uncouth because I do want to make a statement to this.

A new light on Dead People is in news.

so if John Wayne was a racist then what does that make all these people who we talked about all the time like Rosa Parks or how about Martin Luther King were they Marxist or racist if we’re going to really condemn the dead people then let’s condemn them all because when we start taking words and using them to equip ourselves in a controversial manner we destroy the fabric of which many people have stood on for years and the freedom of speech which has been a loud ringing Bell for those of us who speak freely and honestly about how we feel about things.

could this be a racist I mean after all we are exposing the dead and alive to racism and isn’t socialism another way of racism against the rich?

if the media hounds and the snowflakes want to make a Target out of something they better make it better than just a legend and a living remembrance of a man who passed away long before they came along and had his opinions about things.

Alexandria ocasio Cortez has had her opinions about things and yet nobody seems to judge her for who she really is and nobody passes a comment that she doesn’t like well allow me to pass a comment to the snowflakes if you think that John Wayne was a racist or was a bigamist or didn’t have feelings about things he still on his own two feet use a freedom of speech very wisely and he said what he meant he didn’t have any reason to apologize.

Detected a Note of Racist or love.

I find it kind of ironic that a dead man is being declared a racist by snowflakes and yet roses aren’t racist I mean you give roses all the time to show love and appreciation but pretty soon snowflakes are going to consider those racist because they’re part of life or they’re part of the flourish that we see outside.

Don’t you think it’s kind of peculiar that a man who died 1979 who’s been gone almost 50 years and this cronies these people who do this seem to find it very popular to turn a dead man into a racist. are they going to turn this picture of a rose into a racist is this what they’re going to do to everything nowadays.

Is this a man who is racist against unborn children?

I mean after all we are taking Dad and life people and trying to bury them at the stake for what they say and what they do so I guess the theme here is is it if we’re going to make it a controversial subject let’s do it the right way let’s make it a real controversy.

when I go on and I read these news articles and I hear about third term abortion and I hear about all this happened that happened and a dead man makes the news for his interview in 1971 and he dies in 1979 there’s a problem in that picture there’s a flaw.

the floor is snowflakes that the real racism that is happening here is not a racist comment is a racist opinion it’s one neutral opinion which is felt by all who look at it and then they use it to stab a dead man that’s already dead. they want to be gratified for what they can dig up in a dead man’s past on an interview or television show or global winning Oscar something they want to dig all that up just to prove how incoherent or unrespectful he was to the American dream.

but yet this man’s dead and there’s nothing being said about him or his statement to society but we honor him for his achievements we honor him for his gratitude we honor him for his beliefs and we pay respect him every time we turn around and so I have to really validate what people say to me in the manner in which they say it.

I mean after all it was Martin Luther King who stood in Washington DC after March and gave his speech remarking on I have a dream and what are the snowflakes going to do turn that into a racist biased confusing statement.

I’m sorry ladies and gentlemen but there is a certain line which we must not cross and when we cross it we wipe out hundreds and hundreds of years of respect and dedication to what we believe in.a controversial statement a racist statement can be just as painful as hearing it in the news the people who knew John Wayne the people who knew Martin Luther King would be damned to hear what the news is doing and what these liberal snowflakes are doing to the heroes of our time.

so has America become short-sighted has are intelligent thinking and I or great way of increasing our freedoms become a short-term goal and has controversy taking over because Trump’s in office

Special report message

if we’re going to blame the president of the United States then let’s blame Obama to because this is become a me to controversy and it’s not just one time it’s multiple times I would like to lay out a few facts cuz you don’t know.

first fact the minute Trump announced he was running for office to biased the controversial media all took a Target and pick the name out of a buck and this is what you have this controversial most uneducated crowd of snowflakes have began taking cheap uneducated shots at a man who has run a business who has made his name in business who’s doing his very best of all the constitutional amendments as they are written by these United States of America.

jussie Smollett and others like him have become the grassroots controversy of American News if it’s not one thing it’s another if Sean hannity wasn’t reporting the truth then the biased media would continue to lie to your face and tell you nothing but lies they don’t love what they have to read so they put their own twist on it.

Vanity is not what you’re getting anything but vanity you’re getting controversy you’re getting cut racist you’re getting a cutthroat industry that is totally out of touch with American society.

society is a whole bunch of people who come together to make this America better and if we fall to socialism then we fall to what is going on in Venezuela we will be the highest biased country in America and it won’t matter because other countries will look at us and know that we have failed to fulfill the American dream.

taxing the top one of 10% of millionaires and billionaires is not the answer taxing the rich people to make yourself richer to find a green New deal isn’t going to work you’re only going to draw us into a deeper more expensive debt than what we have now.

Alexandria ocasio-cortez has proven that she is willing to ruin America to take away the dream of the American dream she is willing to tax the top one tenth of 1% to make her point she is so enthused by ripping off the American dream that she’s going to cut the throats of the people who create the jobs and the small business owners of America.

but yet every year every year the Congress give themselves a raise every year Nancy pelosi Alexandria ocasio-cortez Maxine Waters and all these liberal Democrats give themselves a raise it’s not a 1% it’s a 5% so every year their checks go up by a factor of 5% so they get paid more than the average American so they get to do more with their families.

the tragedy is is that while they’re talking about taxing the top one tenth of 1% they’re also taking away the one tenth of 1% of people who want to work they’re going to make America rely on the government and they’re going to undercut the American dream.

a disaster a phenom of misunderstood and controversial statements presented by the snowflakes of America?

When you try to put vanity into a situation you’re going to be very disappointed because the truth of the matter is if vanity has nothing to do with prosperity and that is what the socialism factor is it’s not just socialism it’s Marxism to it’s a step below marks when you start trying to unhinge the media or start trying to unhinge the American people you draw a critical line in a very broad sand.

I don’t know what happened to love I don’t know what happened to the people who actually understood the American dream what I do know and what I do understand is is it the American dream is not dead the American dream is not socialism and socialism will not work in America.

these Hollywood elites these would be snowflakes and these fake-ass media reporters need to learn one lesson one that will be the most unhinging statement of them all is that we as American people do not want socialism do not want to pay more in taxes we’ve dealt with a Democrat for 8 years and we got nothing for it and all those Hollywood elites and Democratic steadiest have one problem they are failing to meet the needs of the American people in the traditional way. it isn’t controversy and it isn’t standing up for yourself it’s creating hate malice and a very unwelcoming feel for the American people.

so if I am too far out there for you I’m sorry but I try to put a spin on something that actually is true here’s what truth I have to tell you

Touched by an Angel a life being of unmitigated power has touched all of us at some point has guided us on the road to happiness and prayer and is told us that love is the most powerful thought out there.

loved by God the children of Earth have all known for such a long time that God loves us very much and that whatever we do whatever challenges we may face we have to face them head-on.

Jesus Christ gave His only begotten son to pay for our sins they pinned him at the stake and he died for our sins but now it is become a race riot a very real problem for America.

Touched by the Lord himself we learn to love each other and respect one another we learned in high school that no matter how hard things get we have to push ahead they’re learning now in college about safe spaces and what are we learning out here in the real world that there is no place safer than the arms of the one you care about in your family.

teaching we’re learning everyday how inmoral how uneducated these new people look at things the millennials I am one of them I believe that each millennial should have to take a crash course in life I believe that each millennials check to take a crash course in what’s hard times really are and then go to that office and tell those people it’s really hard to live from month to month.

so if we’re going to put the spin on this and we’re going to stop spinning out of control news then it starts here press the question that all of us must answer.

Do we or don’t we

Do you want to pay close to all of your paycheck and taxes to the American government?

don’t we have a right to spend our money on her own way making your own decisions living by the constitutional laws of this country?

do you feel that the Democrats are out to work a rip off every single American out of all their money just to pay for their Green New deal?

Don’t you believe in love life liberty and justice for all?

could you bare your soul to a ghost or an angel who touches your heart and would you be able to live with that bearing of these soul that you justr that you need?

Suunto all those questions I just asked I’m going to be frank and I’m going to be absolutely totally honest there’s nothing more important than bearing your soul to God there’s nothing more important than having a happy place in your heart there’s nothing more important then the words of Love integrity and respect those are water important those are the liberties the justice that we seek in life.

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