Breaking hot Atlana GA returns Reigns

Roman reigns and Monday Night raw comes to hotlanta next week it’s breaking news as we find out a status update on his leukemia and his fight to return to WWE.

how will Roman reigns handle the return to entering competition and will be returning after or before WrestleMania this year. we’ll find out this Monday live on raw in Atlanta when Roman reigns goes to the ring to give the WWE universe an update and see what he has to say about the current status of his WWE universal championship in the hands of Brock Lesnar.

Roman reigns ain’t just returning so is Ric flair to celebrate 70 years of age the WWE Hall of famer will be live in Atlanta to celebrate his birthday with the WWE universe this Monday on Monday Night raw when they emanate from Atlanta Georgia and the 70-year-old hall-of-famer will have a lot to say about his career in the WWE.

so The road to WrestleMania makes a pit stop in Atlanta and fast Lanes coming up soon so what will be the next WWE Hall of famer for the 2019 class of Hall of Fame inductees and will D-Generation x make one appearance at Monday Night raw before going to the Hall of Fame in New York City at the Barclay center.

and with the 30-day suspension on the Irish lass kicker Becky Lynch what will be the outcome of rowdy Ronda Rousey and Charlotte Flair’s match at WrestleMania and how will Rousey respond to Charlotte’s first comments from last Tuesday on smackdown live.

and with fast lane in the view mirror it is a question of fast or furious who’s going to have the upper hand headed into WrestleMania and what world WrestleMania have the Noel the wrestlemania has had the greatest match of all time will probably be Ronda Rousey vs Charlotte flair and I have to wonder what Ric Flair’s going to say about that..

and what will Brock Lesnar say to Seth Rollins as they roll through Atlanta on The road to WrestleMania and what will be the next big match for wrestlemania and will The undertaker coming back to face John Cena or triple h or one of the big dogs in the WWE won’t find out as we go along the road to WrestleMania and stay tuned for the WWE Hall of Fame induction..

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