Breaking:$100k Bail

Jessie Smollett Paid off check at $3500 two brothers for hate crime and the attack was caught on Camera capture a phony attack and blame them . A fake hate crime .

The name of the two brothers was the orderson

so it’s basically a put together fake out hate crime and jussie Smollett is a liar and he is now proving how dangerous the elite Hollywood left is willing to be to get Trump into trouble all this over a man who has done nothing to him but he’s going to blame Trump for what his inaction his inability to get a date or his just his how low he can go to be stupid.

I really do believe that if you’re a fan of empire you should boycott the show because this rolling with all those other would all of the Hollywood left this is the most dangerous time in America and we need to have some common sense put back into American television.

this is not safe if it’s going on in Hollywood it’s going on everywhere and it is a problem for me personally because it creates an unsafe environment for people who live and work around the cities this is a danger that small light has put in to place because now in order to go somewhere you need to have a body camera so you’re not accused of doing something and you need not take money from anybody because all that does is it allows them to play a little game with you and that’s not a game I’m willing to play.

I see all this has been set up they have it right down to the minute of what happened and Smollett knew it he said himself those hate letters he sent himself the white powder and the hate letters and everything is just a bunch of phony put together b******* by these Hollywood leftist and the Democrats that believe it or is stupid is Axis on a dry ride.

Risa Lanier cook county state Attorney’s office

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