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Alert to Truth & Honestly Media

it’s actually pretty dangerous when you think about it because the journalism of media has become such a dangerous profession for honest media that when you watch CNN or MSNBC or any of those major cable network televisions you almost have to pity the people who lie or cheat to get the truth.

so meet the dangers of controversial skepticism and Marxism media. is this doesn’t worry you let me paint a picture of what could happen if we don’t get control of honest journalism. .

The Art Deception is very clearly showed . see there’s a mass of not true media and not true journalism and these people who call themselves journalists should be examined because they lie and they put their own personal spin on news.

How can you believe an outlet like CNN the most left media you can ever find the most controversial questionable journalism you could ever meet and all these media outlets to do this know that they’re not standing up for standardized journalism and freedom of press means honest and fair journalism and I think that the freedom of the press has been taken too far when they can slander be rate totally annihilate our own government to believe anything that they want.

Jim Acosta of CNN journalist has gone on there several times and made statements that Trump is at war with media now you know as well as I do that these statements are not true and that Jim Acosta is a big baby.

me jussie Smollett he is a well he’s one of many people who have tested the waters and been caught by the Chicago Police department for lying about racy pointed statements at him.

jussie Smollett has paid people to assault him has given $3,500 to two brothers who are not even from the United States who live in Nigeria and virtually just lied to the United States government and the Federal bureau of investigations. does lying become a part of the democratic way because this looks like a painted perfect picture of what’s going on in Virginia that happened in Chicago except he got busted for lying and now he’s charged with obstruction of justice and $100,000 bail would you and help with 10% of it which means he only had to pay $10,000 to get out of jail.

when will the media stop being so controversially biased and stop lying to the American people and put the truth of what is going on out there when will the Hollywood elite stop making up stories and reporting it to the police and tell the truth about what happened.. there is nothing more disturbing than when an outer control media a biased reporter or journalist would be willing to sabotage a news report just to make his point home.

so when I report on truth I report on what I know and what I hear and what I watch on television and I report what the White House and many other reporters report as truth I do not add a spin to a media report that is not there I will not give you a personal opinion unless I’m writing my own point of view I think that there’s many things that need to change in America and one of those things is journalism and the freedom of press.

the journalists have no integrity anymore journalism has lost its finest art of honest and establishment media reporting this with a lot of disk credits out there including James Acosta and the other CNN reporters and MSNBC reporter’s and morning Joe have a lot to be desired there lies there controversial biased to our president is another racy subject to itself.

but jussie Smollett is another prime example of what racism is really coming to when you lie you sabotage yourself and the people around you when you give Miss information to the police and when the Donald Trump effect is not really in effect but a self-induced coma to the people of America. is the truth ever got out it wasn’t going Trump that did it it was a fact that the media can handle the truth so they started handing out lies and misinformation.

I find the integrity of CNN gone I find the integrity of MSNBC and all these other major news reporting in journalism newspapers gone cuz they don’t have it anymore I think that there is a big line in the Sand that journalism has crossed and can never get back from I believe that the art of reporting the news has become just a passing thing.

I think Free press is becoming a little too biased and controversial and needs to have it put back in its Lane and needs to adjust to an honest fair press and also remove the people who want to clute or couldn’t make controversy out of the air that is the journalism integrity. everyone integrity back we need to put the press in Free press back in order everyone everyone to respect the media then the media needs to learn its way and keep its mouth shut when something is not really said.

Dead People Headline the Bias Media controversial

Atlanta GA: the snowflakes over CNN have decided to report a dead man in the news and John Wayne was a headline so I have to wonder how far does the bias controversial media want to go with these unpremeditated 50 or 40 year old interviews..

Is there a limit to what the people and the media will do to get a new story are dead people now going to be mortified for what they say 40 years ago today

I would not report a dead man in a forty-year-old interview to a snowflake they can’t even understand the back then things were different and what they lie about is the truth what they don’t want to hear is honesty and what the snowflakes want is a controlled environment everywhere they go to where they don’t have to read a news article or interview from Playboy like this.

John Wayne believe in the country he lived in he believed in the United States he was a western movie star he made the best of a very high tense very controversial era when he was alive. 1907 to 1979 was a very controversial time in American history and yet the snowflakes of today want to take away the history and put something different in its place they want to lie they want to put this information out there but you can’t do that everywhere you go you have to put honest true journalism first

The history behind black history

so I post an article you can kick up click on the blue link above to see what I was talking about but if we’re to talk about dead people let’s talk about the dead people who are also dealing with a lot of controversy themselves do you think that lying or snowflakes can change them.

we cannot simply overlooked history and we cannot just turn our backs on what historians have found and if we report the truth as history has told us we came out looking a lot better than reporting Ally this is history this is why it is history because we are honest fair and balanced about how we feel in history.

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