Batista and the ending to Ric Flair’s birthday celebration

Ric flair attacked in his dressing room by Dave Bautista on Monday Night raw and the absolution of what happened to Becky Lynch getting arrested.

Atlanta GA

set for a 70th birthday party ruined at the end of Monday Night raw by the one man who wanted triple h and triple h went to the eighth of his friend instead of finding Dave Bautista with WrestleMania and the balance will the triple h get his match against Dave Batista at WrestleMania and what will happen to Ronda Rousey who said her title right in front of Stephanie McMahon and walked away will it be a triple threat match or will the match be changed once again to a one-on-one contest.

He’s back he’s back. yes Roman reigns made his WWE return after only 5 months of fighting leukemia and he confirm tonight on Monday Night raw did he was in remission from leukemia the best news is is that with him back on raw what will it do to the balance of the WWE championship there are no more automatic rematches in the WWE so let’s see how that balances out with Brock Lesnar.

WrestleMania kickoff at the Royal rumble when the first ever 30 women 30 men battled it out for a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity we already know what’s going on with the women’s division deceit in the ranks Stephanie McMahon on fire and the chairman of the board decided to suspend the winner of the Royal rumble match.

fire in tombstone bigger and badder does the man have a fight on her hands with fire will she last night in jail does the Atlanta Police department feel that the Vince McMahon factor is to blame how old Vince answer the question and how will Ronda Rousey answer her Queen?

so the Atlanta police take Becky Lynch into custody charging her with felony trespassing and criminal mischief at Monday Night RAW live during Monday Night raw taping.

the fire-and-brimstone of the WWE 13 women entered the Royal rumble one wins 30 women one wins that must mean Becky Lynch won the Royal rumble match and she should be on her road to WrestleMania but in her absence she refused to go see the doctors which led the McMahon Family to tell her she was suspended until she did and then when she finally went saw the doctor’s she had to apologize to Stephanie and triple h on Monday Night raw.

Royalrumble the risk the reward and The road to WrestleMania starts there and it started there for Becky Lynch and the winner of the smackdown women’s Royal rumble was Becky Lynch I guess you could say that smackdown ruled the Royal rumble.

the wrong mans raw rumble was ruled by the fiery brimstone of the WWE zone Seth freaking Rollins.

so it WrestleMania we are confirmed with the Seth Rollins vs Brock Lesnar match also at WrestleMania it will be the Daniel Bryan factor against an unknown opponent right now but at fastlane Daniel Bryan will have to face Kofi Kingston and a WWE title match.

so as we go forward there is quite a few new things happening in the WWE such as the women’s tag team division now we’re going to get more on that as I watch Monday Night raw on Tuesday night SmackDown and we figure out what the next step in the brand of women’s wrestling is.

let me be the first to offer my condolences to Becky Lynch. Trinity and her rest I feel that Vince McMahon has fiery temper has overlooked the greatest opportunity in women’s history and is willing to shortcut himself to WrestleMania by giving Charlotte flair a flare family member the opportunity to win the women’s title match where he’s trying to make history he just destroyed it

no I not mean anything to anybody but it sure as hell mean something to the women of the WWE now this is true there’s a lot of sore losers at the WWE such as Vince McMahon Stephanie McMahon Shane McMahon and triple h who can never fight and honest war without getting somebody else hurt.

the ending result being that Charlotte flair. Already intensified the situation by her statements on SmackDown and raw and the attack at the Royal rumble afterwards at elimination chamber kind of let it more and more but more to this story.

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