Letter to the democratic and Republican

Case & Point

I am kind of like outdated on this power system I mean everybody lost power during the winter storm and yet the power companies have no way to solve the problem

point of conclusion it is my job to seek a way to make sure that everybody in the world keeps power during a bad storm and that if power should go out there is an emergency generator for every household in America to make sure that they have power.

this should be a great solution when every household in America has power no matter what even if the power company can’t provide it.

so I’m going to demonstrate to all of you a good way to make sure that we don’t lose power ever again in the 21st century by going with a common-sense solution if everything else comes from the ground and energy is one of those common everyday things then it should be a top priority of scientists to study a better solution to providing households homes with power and businesses.

I am looking at a possibility of making a report on power outages across America and how outdated our power structure is an American society they have not been updated so we don’t know what what we don’t even know if they have the proper equipment and we don’t know if the power companies are even allowed to upgrade update and make metal models for better power supply systems.

I would contend first to getting a $1000000 grant to do a power and structural supply system research which means that $1000000 would go to innovating the future of America and also updating and replacing are outdated power systems. Let us start with the states on the west coast and work East.

let us form a team of experts to research guide and start the remodelacion structure of our power structure it is a very important hot subject which is not covered by many but is covered by me it is also important to remember that $1000000 would fund this project and this project will go towards the future of America.

it is a valuable most valuable tool of energy and production to make a better power system than what they have rooted power from water is a great builder of energy this combined with years and years of experience wooden power poles and lines that run all over the country and a1 tree falls and people lose power by the thousands natural disasters take millions out of power and leave millions wondering what is going on about the power company.

our energy is spent more on doing something stupid than doing something smart trying to build a future for America is what I’m doing I’m going to use common sense and I’m going to use realistic understanding.

realistically we cannot build a power structure if we do not understand it and we cannot move forward if we do not move away from our outdated overrated power system and this means that the people need to work together to build a better structure of power supply and demand.

we also need to work at building better roads and having better communities to operate in so when we have a major storm system like a winter storm in the winter time we’re better prepared it is time to put an end to this traffic freeze this freezing weather this inclement weather and start doing something smart for America if we are to be the building blocks in the pioneers of the future it is time to look at better systems of communication better system of road ways and and a better traffic system.

what we have hurricanes what we have natural disasters it is important that the people of America realize common sense is the beginning of the future we have DC Democrats and DC Republicans who do not look at the wider picture I’m not going to support anybody who talks to a green New deal that he has not even shown us a budget or shown us that there’s any evidence to support what they say.

I am a part of the millennial generation but I’m also a part of the common Sense generation I do not want to spend trillions of dollars on a plan that has not even been proven true by top scientists if the liberals and the socialists of America want to do something to destroy America and no one wants to say anything then you’re going to meet the one that will I am telling you now we can not let the government be the ruler of our lives we cannot give them 100% control of our lives we have to do something to better serve our country or community or cities or states are financial institutions because we are the wave of the future the millennials are the future.

Pretty soon it’s going to be the Trinity Mills the people who will live on after us this is a trinity problem we have to work together to make it better the Trinity is Trinity’s of years tens of thousands of years of people ignoring the key problems in America.

Alexandria ocasio-cortez is another one of these enraged socialist factions that has totally deny the American people truth and Justice she is complaining because her self-awareness is being questioned well I am going to question her if she’s the boss then do the job that you’ve been hired to do stop you’re pushy attitude and get over yourself because I think it was a mistake for New York voters to vote you in just like Royal Bernie.

if the American people are to listen and if you are to listen good you will understand what I’m about to tell you is the God’s honest truth socialism doesn’t work it’s been proven by the thousands of people overseas that it does not work millions of people are dying starvation is an all-time high and if Bernie Sanders think that that is a good idea to have people walking at the food banks then he’s got another natural disaster going to happen.

I’m ready to say shut down the government and never reopen it until we come to a common sense understanding I’m ready to tell these Democrats these liberals he’s socially that if they want to live that way go to Russia or go to Vietnam do not stand here and tell us it works cuz we already know it don’t.

in America there is no way we can afford Alexandria ocasio-cortez 9 trillion dollar green deal it doesn’t work this is not a deal it’s a breaker of America it proves that 100% of American taxpayers money will go to supporting a green deal why should we pay 100% of our taxes to something that would never work in America.

are you willing to sacrifice your home sacrifice your heat sacrifice your Entertainment sacrifice your self-esteem sacrifice everything to believe and a green deal that doesn’t have any feet on it.

Alexandria you have lied you didn’t tell us everything and yet you stand there like a big pre-madonna and you think you’re going to win the day well let me tell you something about prepaid primadonnas I have a way of shutting them down and I am just one of many who will shut you down you’re not a maitre d of the world and you’re not some lowlife off the street criminal who’s willing to do this if you look at this logically logically you would not even talk about this kind of deal it destroys the American way.

Here’s the truth behind the green deal

90% of Americans would pay 100% of taxes all the time even when they’re working their pay 100% of their taxes for what a green deal and even if that you’d be paying over $300,000 in taxes just to cover a 9 trillion dollar never-ending debt surge created by Alexandria ocasio-cortez and her green deal it is a dream fake deal there is no real solution to what she has created and her deal has no merit in America.

Marxism anti-Semitism communism all of them run together and all of them are running right through Washington DC Democrats if you by the Democrats story then you’re a fool you’re an ass you’re an idiot your dumbass there is nothing reliable or even Constable to a 9 trillion dollar crisis that Alexandria ocasio Cortez has spoke of.

what about the national stage Miss Cortez what about the people of America who don’t have that kind of income who don’t want to be on food stamps anymore who don’t want to go to food pantries who want to have the privacy of their own home and want to start a family and don’t want to have you sticking your long nose into their business?

there is nothing right about this Miss Alexander or cross your Cortez and there’s nothing right about you you are a fake you are crossover from a long generation of crossovers who’ve always thought that the government has to have 100% control of the American people and it is not nor will it ever come to that the American people have the Constitution of the United States of America those amendments stand tried-and-true to whatever Alexandria ocasio-cortez has in mind her manufactured Marquis of Marxism is not going to work.

if you are an idiot you will buy everything she sells but if you are smart you will research it to a t. anti-semitic comments are far from what has been happening in Washington DC as you well know the Virginia governor Virginia lieutenant governor and the district attorney of Virginia have all been caught in a scandal virtually like Democrats Hillary Clinton was caught in one but she got a freebie because of James Comey that is why call me is the freebie what?

James alabaster, he has a sell-out attitude doesn’t care about America and his self-serving attitude prove that the Barack Obama Nation of the worlds were the worst ideas ever without any common Sense the Democrats have bragged about the income numbers and the rocketing employment numbers and the African American employment numbers and how many people have come off of food stamps since President Donald Trump took office.

the truth behind anti-Semitism has been proven long long ago when people had anti-semitic remarks they were based on untrue facts that is what slavery brought us now we’re going back to it just in a lot harder way socialism is a factor of slavery and anti-Semitism is a factor of the DC Democrats cover up what you will lie what you want but the truth is America is smarter than you.

American truth and honesty will win.. a somatic remark a Marxism of anti-Semitism a communist country like Russia has a lot of anti-semitic remarks for America and what you’re seeing in the Democrats is virtually a Communist regime they don’t care about the country they only care about themselves they want to put all the money in their pockets they have no reason at all to care about the American people.

To paraphrase I think that Chuck Schumer Nancy pelosi and all the Hollywood elites in DC need to come out of their glass houses and see the truth I will not allow my country to fall into the hands of communist radicals like Alexandria ocasio Cortez and I will not allow Chuck Schumer or Nancy pelosi to lie to anybody ever again and I will shut down the freedom of press act if the truth is not told.

I am tired of this lying biased and isometric media that is CNN MSNBC ABC NBC and whatever the media outlet you can be doing what you’re doing to our country do you not realize that by your own remarks by your own anti-semitic comments on live television you are tearing America apart with your lies with your deceptions and without out of ferret of a fact you have totaled biased total no respect for the country and you are exempt from this tirade you think.

but I’m here to tell you you are not you will be the target of many comments of mine none of them reflecting the views or the premonition of the current-day people I am one I have a lot of people who believe in what I say so believe this if there is anti-Semitism it is out of the democratic party is in relation to a Marxism of this country then we are on the road to Communism and that is a destruction of personal property.

how willing is the American people to let the Democrats take our country to Communism how willing is the American judicial system to overlook the Injustice in America on the Republican party and the conservative people how willing is the honest American willing to sit by and let this treacherous actions happen before you these are the treasures people who do it names I’ll give you a couple of them.

Alexandria ocasio-cortez
Chuck Schumer
Nancy pelosi
Mazie hirono
Jerry Brown
Kate Brown
Barack Obama
Bernie Sanders
Maxine Waters

Oh and there are so many more because these are just a couple of the names on that list of people who are trying to create communism in America you want the truth the truth is communism doesn’t work the truth is socialism doesn’t work the truth is is it if you want to have sex you better have a camera cuz that’s what America’s coming to you before too long everybody will have cameras on them and they’ll be able to see everything you do from the time you go to the bathroom to the time you get up in the morning to the time you go to bed at night.

If the Democrats have their way we won’t have a free America will have an expensive socialist America. Let’s not give the Dems anyting anymore let’s do something for ourselves let’s do it right let’s talk about the truth behind the veil of democratic blocking. Don’t cater to your Democratic colleagues cater to finding out the truth supply yourself with some truth and real common Sense before you go out and make an ass of yourself cuz those list of names are the people who have made asses of themselves.

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