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First Monday Night Raw

Soso from Monday Night Raw there was a lot of confusion the wild women’s champion rowdy Ronda Rousey basically threw threw down on mr. McMahon handing over the women’s title belt as she is a current raw women’s champion this proposes questions going into next Monday in Philadelphia.

what has happened to Ronda Rousey’s ambitions of being raw women’s champion?

Is there going to be a WrestleMania match for the raw women’s champion?

and where does Vince McMahon get off yanking top-level Superstars out of matches at pay-per-views such as WrestleMania?

Those would be my questions if I was to ask the questions at a WWE press conference or try to get answers from mr. McMahon or the McMahon Family themselves.

so for fast-lane the answer to all the questions comes down to what’s next is mr. McMahon really trying to turn Raw on its head and virtually just take the CEO and the other owners of WWE out of the question and just objectify himself to the party of one?

has mr. McMahon factor became an issue for other superstars inside the WWE locker room?

and then this report as opinion yes mr. McMahon is the factor to this whole thing so see it’s a McMahon factor he’s putting egg on the face of the CEO of the WWE itself and willing to jeopardize everything at wrestlemania.

not even 2 minutes after Becky Lynch was fired was mystic man putting Charlotte flair in her spot at WrestleMania the diverting the question of why did he suspend Becky Lynch for 60 days and what happens now that she’s been arrested?

Triple H gets a message from Dave


Atlanta Georgia celebrating 70 years of verse Ric flair gets attacked by Dave Bautista to send a message to triple H you have to wonder what triple H is going to have to say about Batista ruining Ric Flair’s birthday celebration.

New Orleans was the site of a shocking turn of events and the McMahon factor was exactly what shocked the WWE universe Kofi Kingston was supposed to face the WWE champion Daniel Bryan and tell mr. McMahon’s music hit and then it all went to hell.

see mr. McMahon’s powerstride was in full motion when it came out and congratulated and also kicked Kofi Kingston right in the teeth at the same time to not have a match at fastlane against the only Daniel Bryan for the WWE championship.

in a shocking turn of events a returning refreshed healed up 100% Kevin Owens takes Kofi Kingston spot virtually just handed to him and what could be called a rip Sean move by Vince McMahon.

the underhandedness and the deplorable actions of Kevin Owens have always been want a question and now I also have to question the owners ability to manage his Superstars as mr. McMahon really turned himself against every one of the superstars is competed in his ranks.

Kofi Kingston deserves an opportunity at the WWE title there was no question about that but the way Mr.McMahon is going about it is questionable at best his ego is getting the best of him and Mr.McMahon is proving it all the time.

more as WrestleMania at fastlane become more clear and we’ll Kofi Kingston get his title shot at WrestleMania and said if a sling and who will be KO Kevin Owens

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