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United we stand & divided we fall

this was a great article I found your viewpoint to be very open died and I really do still stand behind the fact that socialism is bad for America and the farther we fade the farther we divided so if America is stand strong then we need to stand together.

If you read the article just click on the blue letters above and the title of the article will tell you everything united we stand & divided we fall.

Soso the terminology has been used over and over again and history is never ending every month every year every day every second every minute of every other day we makes history that is why I just have to say that black history is American history and I think mr. Freeman had the best saying of all.

if we’re declaring one month black history month then what’s going to be the next month how can you say that February is Black history month when in fact every month is a history month things happened every month which means every month had some sort of history in it and if we look at it that way will be better off.

Thisthis is what I love to do this is what I am I right about this stuff because it means the world to me to have you read it so I take the time to show you how united we can stand and how divided we can fall.

The truth behind love and women is women are like the backbone of mankind some have a reliable continuous everyday understanding of Life others just have a dimauro a portable attitude that creates hate and dishonesty.

Love is what made women so insightful

a greatest insight is two women are greatest downside is through war so when we appreciate the love and the admiration of real talk and real understanding we appreciate each other so the terminology united we stand divided we fall means the world to me because I’m going to stand United with honest fair and real common Sense understanding.

see the future of America lays in the hands of the millennials I am one of those I am a millennial I serve as a voice of reasoning when the unreasonable people of America start to cause friction.

It’sit’s me it’s the way of truth it’s the way of real view it’s the way of supporting charity it’s the way of being who you are this is who I am this is who I achieved to be I’m a real reporter I report real life situations I give you a real conversation.

Brandon’s point of view media and entertainment .

so I’m posting the promises of Hope and I’m also posting the problem since it’s true because we have to work together so I’m going to work together with everybody and I’m going to go around and ask the easiest question of all so please check out my Facebook page follow me and I will keep doing what I do best.

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