Society on suicide

Finding the truth behind society misunderstood generation.

This man is dead and he is legendary man behind old Western show. His legendary status has hard fight.

John Wayne’s name is now hitting snowflakes society of wanna block true free speech.

It would be like us taking a legendary speech and debate his words. As they have been taking shots at John Wayne’s.

Let’s take Pledge to stop this bullying of the dead and put this trashing of the conservative millennials.

Bill Cosby the man whom star in the Cosby Show and also star in fat Albert and his name was trash by a pure hate movement called #MeToo .

I mean where is the next failure in our current society. Let Take Democratic millennials.

You should all know her her name is Alexandria ocasio-cortez.

her platform is socialism her belief is a green New deal her problem is her attitude it really stinks.

Can you pay a debit $9 Trillions per Year ?

With average taxable income of 80% witch would line the pocket of our politicians. Now this would include small Business in America with average taxable income of 85 to 90 percent.

see that’s the thing about taxes the Democrats want to raise them and the conservative side of it wants to lower them wants to make it better for the American people but they don’t want to offer any suggestions on how to do that now if we are going to sell our cells to the highest bidder why don’t we go out on the street they become Street walkers for money.

See that’s the problem with this Alexandria ocasio-cortez she wants the highest tax rate for every American she wants to make sure that we have no money to live on no fun no entertainment no nothing no house no roof over our head or anyting and she wants to make sure that we all starve to death because she wants to get rid of the food the farm supplies everything just to put in this green New deal.

would you be able to pay a little over $600,000 in taxes a year even if there were no jobs and for a millionaire he got to pay 2 to 5 million dollars in taxes a year and is that really fair to us or to the American people and I will tell you what it isn’t it’s not fair because that is taxation beyond taxation.

see that’s the imagination of failed policy that’s the imagination of our socialist anarchy of government at full bore people like Alexandria ocasio Cortez and Bernie Sanders and many more who continue to allow the snowflakes to denigrate over a dead person’s grave.

I mean John Wayne Martin Luther King are they going to run over the top of the American people and destroy fellow Americans for years.

Are they going to allow dead people to rule the attack to take a legend real life of understanding under fire is a misfortune how can you stop on legacy of a movie stars.

Then you’ve got TV icons star of empire tell lies about himself get hate crime in Chicago and this latest of many deployment by the left to show that one man is blaming

Yep!!. Trump .. but see their dark clouds for America if the American go to far.

Yield back.

Hold On Just second..

Now let me explain.

See the 5 people are the currpetion inside the United States of America.

so see I wouldn’t be taking too much at socialism because the five people in this picture created this problem and the Democrats just keep going and going and going until they finally hit a wall while they’re going to hit 1 in me.

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This was messaging for furture of America standard as become our President Trump.

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