I would say a statement made on behalf of Ronda because she got tired of Stephanie playing her game and you know what I actually have to agree with her for the first time I found a woman who I like the most as a bad mother in the ring her attitude is Fu and get the hell out of her way and you know what come Sunday or come WrestleMania mystery man is going to learn a hard lesson about protecting his wallet over his superstars.

Ronda Rousey is the UFC fighter she’s also is a document MMA fighter she is tooken all many different kinds of self defense and fighting classes from the Kung Fu to the Muay Thai to all those that basically teach opponents not to mess with her.

I have to give my compliments to Ronda Rousey she is a stand-up honest understanding woman who doesn’t take s*** and will give it all back tenfold. Stephanie got a message from Ronda Rousey and now Stephanie McMahon looks like a complete idiot on national Television compliments of Ronda Rousey.

a commendation farondis be awarded because for the first time I saw Firefly from her eyes the UFC fighter the baddest b**** on the planet she claims to be is true she is the baddest b**** because she’s going to whoop to b****** asses at WrestleMania no matter what Vince or Stephanie or Shane McMahon say.

as I remember she put triple H through a table when it came time to sign the contract for her WWE debut match and she faced triple H and Stephanie McMahon at WrestleMania with her tag team partner Kurt Angle when he was general manager of Monday Night Raw. so I would aspire to the WWE universe and tell you that she has her right for the attitude and I think that her attitude is just about right for the Temple of the McMahon Family..

you wanted a superstar who’s going to go to the top you wanted a woman who’s going to take the woman’s evolution of The next step meet Ronda Rousey

she’s taking her career all the way to the top and the UFC ranks she stood toe-to-toe with the top women of the UFC now she’s going to send toe to toe with the top men and women of WWE. she’s already a Hall of famer and what mr. McMahon and Stephanie McMahon and Shane McMahon and Paul Levesque don’t know is it if Ronda Rousey gets really pissed off she will run through the women of the WWE roster like hot potatoes and she won’t give a damn who gets hurt.

the woman is a weapon with her body she will break every woman on the roster from smackdown to Raw she is a danger to No one except the people who cross her path.

Charlotte flair has nothing on Ronda Rousey and if you think for 2 seconds that Charlotte flair can honestly compete against a woman of that caliber you are dead flipping wrong.

Charlotte flair has been handed the golden key thanks to her father Ric flair but the man that was her father is no longer WWE competitor he’s a WWE Hall of famer so the statement can be made and verified to say that she has faced nothing like Ronda Rousey in a WWE ring she hasn’t even been in the UFC what makes you think she’s going to have any opportunity in a WWE ring if the actions of The quiet submissible Rousey do not awaken the spirit of the Fighting Irish then I suggest that mr. Commands Golden Girl go back to her Charlotte North Carolina and never come out again.

Ronda Rousey’s resume is endless she’s been a champion multiple times in the UFC she’s competed in top-level pay-per-view matches she’s made an art out of proving what real women can do day in and day out she’s a mother of two children she has no interest in playing games with her money she works hard to earn it and she’s works hard to keep it in each and every week on Monday Night Raw you see a raw determination from Ronda Rousey it’s called the love of the fight the love of the game and game over for Charlotte flair and Stephanie McMahon.

hey Stephanie you wanted a woman who fights on your level well I think you got more than what you wanted because I don’t think Charlotte flair or Becky Lynch have an opportunity and how to take that title from Ronda Rousey and if you think for 5 minutes to tell Santa Ana squared-circle is going to contain the type of massacre you’ve included in you are dead wrong.

hey mister man where is your attitude at about this whole thing if Charlotte flair gets beat will you fire Ronda Rousey the day after WrestleMania for her title defense?

Stephanie I forgot to tell you Ronda Rousey is a mixed martial artist she does have her resume and her resume shines above yours unfortunately she’s been in the business a long time so I guess she has learned and gained a lot of respect.

Paul Levesque I noticed that Batista responded to your request for a face-to-face next Monday on Raw looks like you have enough Trinity to finally put the bad egos aside and come to a common sense talk or should I say an authority versus a peon. cuz you actually don’t respect anybody so what happened to Ric flair could happen to you next Monday live in Philadelphia Pennsylvania.

Did seeing Richard flair drug out ofof his locker room set your buzz of fire did you actually think that for 5 minutes for Tuesday would not return with a vendetta and your name attached?

I remember Paul when you and Stephanie were the authority and I don’t know how badly you treated some of the superstars I also remember the lies that used to hold to yourselves and talk about in front of the general manager just try and make yourself look good but now the truth is coming out your web you weave is coming undone Paul and Stephanie and Ronda Rousey and Batista are the two people who are going to take you to the cleaners cuz they’re going to clean out all the dirty laundry you ever wanted and Stephanie if your daddy is going to defend you he’s got a whole list of top-level superstars that won’t defend you very much rather kick your butt than see you walk. In a ring I mean otherwise you’re pretty safe because you’re the boss’s daughter and now I know why triple H better known as Paul Levesque married you.

it has not escaped me that Monday Night Raw is the longest running episodic television show live on the USA Network at 8 Pacific Time 5 Pacific Time on satellite.

and for all the wolves it Stephanie McMahon may have ladies and gentlemen I will tell you Ronda Rousey is going to be here biggest fight of her life and Les mis truck man comes to his daughters aid and suspensor the day after WrestleMania and stripped her of his WWE Women
title.I really have to wonder now what is going to be the outcome for Ronda Rousey and where does Miss McMahon stop trading out Superstars for main events.

I do believe that Kofi Kingston was robbed of his chance and his opportunity at fastlane just like I do believe that Daniel Bryant and Kevin Owens will make a great match but I happen to think that if Kofi Kingston ever had an option to send a message now it’s just time.

he’s been in the WWE for 15 years 15 years of dedication hard work and manual labor labor and he should get his WWE title chance.

he should be the next WWE champion on smackdown live every Tuesday night on the USA Network and mystery man should accept a 15-year honored veteran of the business.

a comprehensive more variety of a breakdown is is it as McMahon’s slowly fade into white and Ronda Rousey and all these other top Superstars start coming in to color The Man behind the business is getting ready to launch his next expo tea and he’s getting ready to go into the order football yes the national football league will have another national league the XFL in 2020 so I really am not too surprised that all of this is happening as mystic man’s next business venture is returning for one more time as the XFL.

Stay tuned for more and I’ll have more about smackdown tonight.

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