United States Letter

Letter to United States People

good day to everybody out there in the world of American living life of liberty and Justice and the American way. it’s been a long time since we’ve actually had one of these letters go up so I’m going to be very critical of some and I’m going to be very superstitious of others.

as many of you may know the democratically LED Congressional house has decided to declare war on the president of the United States they’re not even let the Mueller report drop before they start spreading their nets of lies and deception to cover up the tragedy of Hillary Clinton’s Russian collusion.

many of these people have been named many times over and it will continue until the truth comes out you cannot balance a budget without some cooperation and the national Democratic Lee LED committee does not have that they don’t have an understanding of common Sense they talk about s*** that doesn’t even talked about they lead unfounded allegations against Donald j Trump. and when put to the test they lie to your face and tell you you have nothing to worry about.

I’m very critical of the national Democrats of America they’re showing that socialism is a battle and it American liberty and justice is no longer blind we were soon somebody’s guilty before we assume they are innocent of the crime.

Noel as many of you across America sit down to eat dinner and enjoy a comfortable family gathering the idea of reading a letter of this magnitude will weigh heavily on how much you buy the next time you go to the grocery store. talk about inflated egos ask Alexandria ocasio Cortez ask all the Democratic senators from Maxine Waters up to Nancy pelosi to the Chuck Schumer’s of the Congress and see what they said.

I am quite certain of two things one I’m an American citizen I carry around a little book called The Constitution of the United States of America I also carry around the declaration of Independence and in that decoration it does not mention anything about being guilty to be proved innocent of a crime.

as far as foreign policy goes I think that are Democrats have no idea how much work and time and effort the American people want them to put in on working with Trump to get these deals done. and stop assuming guilt without having any proof stop wasting taxpayer dollars on an investigation that has no collusion has nothing but simpleton stupidity all over it.

if you want the person who colluded with the Russians go to the Hillary Clinton campaign tour 2016 find out who paid for the Russian dossier and how come fisa abuse was reported during that time and then go to the Bernie Sanders camp and find out how come Bernie Sanders took so many private jets to all these big events and not a one of them actually required a private jet he could have drove there.

I like many others think that Hillary Clinton is guilty of Russian collusion it was proved once again on Fox News Network that you’re Hillary Clinton Democratic Presidential nominee for 2016 was paying a Russian for a phony Russian dossier created by the Clinton News Network produced by the Clinton News Network and put together by the leftist bias Democrats who wish to lie deceit create crimes or not real and to evade questions of Truth honesty and justice.

I do criticize the left but I criticize them because they would criticize us as being unconstitutional when in fact they are unconstitutional they are the extremists of the American dream there much rather destroy America then watch America thrive and survive to a better future opening businesses having small businesses in America is what helps America stay on his feet being independent and dependent on our own to live in a country which is blessed us with so many great things and the Democrats want to take it all away.

Nancy pelosi the airhead
Chuck Schumer the ball soccer
Maxine Waters the / hyper
Alexandria ocasio-cortez the Greener
Richard Blumenthal the mouthpiece
Jeff merkley a California transplant
Mazie hirono the news piece
Hillary Clinton Russian conspirator
Cory Booker Spartacus

doesn’t that sound so familiar and yet I wonder how many of these women men and children will they subject to a Spartacus moment just to put Trump in jail?

the Democrats have lost their fire apparently they’ve lost something because they don’t care about innocent until proven guilty all they care about is guilty till proven innocent and that ain’t right so if we’re going to write the book on a story of Russian collusion I would start with Hillary Clinton Iowa start with every Democrat who supported her being voted into office and I would start with every Democrat whose name is sign on every bill that she ever passed.

I’m not a senate and I’m not a pragmatist I’m a reasonable conservative person who believes that if you’re going to do things right you’re going to be home right the first time I’m going to call out everybody on the Democratic party I don’t need to put all the names down I just need to get the people who been on the news the most.

Michael Cohen the backstabber

a deceptive kale told to Congress which I find it hard to believe but I would actually believe him less if he was my attorney because I wouldn’t want to hire him he’s not worth the million dollars it cost to get an actual attorney and he’s a joke from the go and the only thing I can think to say is if we’re coming down to this guilty until proved innocent theme then there’s a lot of people who are guilty of something because I would say that the Democrats are covering up a very blood-stained past.

criticize me as an American citizen criticize small business owners for being a business criticize all you want Democrats but the truth is is it the more you do this to fight 2 fiction scream on national Television the more you drive away true entrepreneur ISM and your Marxist ideas are Marxist they’re not credible they’re not understandable socialism is not a theme if you want socialism go to Venezuela live in Venezuela and find out what happened then made that country.

I got a green deal for you why don’t you go out and eat lots of grass eat lots of those beautiful flowers smokes lots of weed and then go back and do your day job there’s a green deal for you Alexandria ocasio-cortez and take all your little Democratic friends with you get high off that s*** and when you die from it it won’t be because because of failed climate change it early because you smoke yourself to death and you left a whole bunch of joints laying around somewhere for everybody else to find.

I’m not Spartacus nor would I have any intuition to be Spartacus I have common sense I think outside that glass box you guys try to put the American people in a fact that five to one you all would want to see America die at your feet you get on your fancy planes and fly from state to state without any problems and you take your private jets from here to Hawaii for vacation but you can’t even do anything for the American citizen what are you going to do when they can’t respond to your request and the whole united states turns red.

American civil liberties have been violated so many times by our Democratic colleagues at I forgot that civil liberty actually meant something in America because they covered up so well they bury it under the lights of lies they deceive the American people and when the truth is told you getting the trouble with the Democrats because they wanted investigate they want to impeach they want to ruin people’s lives they want to take cheap unprofessional shots at the American people they want to make statements on national Television which they know and their heart of hearts is not true but you go takin shots at the Democratic families like let’s take for example Nancy pelosi.

Nancy pelosi a California Democrat who has no life who has a husband probably doesn’t see him very much and when she does she’s probably got her pants down ready to go to work and she’s also got however many grandkids that Democrats have and I got a few incest family members who can’t stand the sight of seeing her when she comes home.

And let’s go with another one how about Alexandria ocasio-cortez.

Alexandria ocasio-cortez a 29 year-old Congressional freshman to the United States government and her idea of a good time is trying to push her beliefs off on all the American people lying cheating and doing anything she wants to try and get by day-to-day she talks about a green new deal but she flies in her private jet from her home in New York City to Washington DC every day I really have to wonder.

Then let’s go with Chuck Schumer Chuck Schumer is an old man with no hopes no dreams except socialism and their biggest failure is the fact that they forget that this is the United States of America but Chuck Schumer can live with that because he’s got incest working in his family his children have married his daughters his children and his daughters have made other people’s daughters and pretty soon it’s just like one big happy family that is a Chuck Schumer’s of America

mazie hirono a Japanese to send a 60 to 80 year old woman who has no common sense except the stuff she learned online and she googled it for better reference.Miss hirono goes home to her family in Hawaii and she’s there for a couple of days has a private jet just like all the other democratically LED congressman and she flies home every weekend trying to think of ways to destroy the American dream her mom her dad her sister her brother probably or she lives by herself spends millions of dollars on trying to keep the hair on her head cuz she wears a wig and she could be bald who knows.

see that’s the truth behind the women in the Congress that are Democrats they’re all going bald so they have to wear wigs to cover up their baldness I guess that’s why I try to get some of their hair so easily cuz they’ve already lost it when he Tran is president of the United States.

how does it feel ladies and gentlemen to be the joke of a letter that probably would bear true false witness to no one but only to those who buy into that kind of stuff those are cheap shots that I can take it all of you like you’ve done with Trump except I take cheap shots the other way I go for the family aspect because that’s when we all protect at least we try.

Designed to fail design to be nothing yet America has never been designed anyway it has been designed to grow learn understand and make better and have common sense run the day so I guess America has won the day because common Sense left America a long time ago with these Democrats.

Alexandria ocasio-cortez I would like you to know that I would not want to be a member of your family I want even want to know your full name if I was to ever really know you I think it is a piss poor shame what you were presented to the people of America you have no insight you don’t care about civil liberties and you obviously have no idea the history than America has gone through to make us better.

did your mom and daddy teach you how to go to the bathroom properly or did you have to learn that on your own too.

see the liability here is as if they actually got online and decide to read a letter of this kind of nature I’d probably be hit with several questionable acts of defacing a United States congresswoman and a United States congressman but you know what I have the freedom of speech I have the freedom to say whatever I want whenever I want however I want to say it and when I stand up before the Lord above I will be judged for who I am and for the statements I make therefore there is nothing anti-semitic just about this letter it is all about trying to understand how so out of control Democrats have become you can criticize me you can doubt me

but you can’t say I was unfair about how many shots I took at each of these Congress women and men.

see Cory Booker was bald because he’s actually 80 years old and he just puts on a new face every time he gets up in the morning he cuddles up his wrinkles with Everlast cream and he sticks his face in his ass to try and get a better imprint of himself.

Now isn’t that just the pits when you think I can’t go any lower and I do and I just run it right up the flagpole kind of like what the Democrats are planning on doing with socialism a budget of 90 trillion dollars every year while they’re in office and you tell me where is that going to come from the highest 1% of millionaires one that be like us charging them for work that they don’t do old weight they already do that they have to open up investigations after run fake press briefings they don’t actually have anything good to do..

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