New Business Update

I have accomplished what I have been working so hard on I have accomplished it with lots of criticism I have got it right and I got an A++ from a very well-respected School.

So I took on a business plan I wrote it myself I put it short and sweet it make sense to everybody who’s read it and now I’m on my fast track to starting my own news and research.

confident I was confident and writing this business plan because my confidence went through the roof when I saw that it could be making more than just a know figure income but actually having a 4 figure income.

Dwight D Eisenhower quote
Extremes to the right and to the left of any political dispute are always wrong

that’s going to be the thing I’m not going to be an extremist right I ain’t going to be extremists left I’m going to be right down the middle and not going to be desperate for a story I’m always going to seek the truth in what I write and what I know.

Rosa Parks quotes
No, the only tired I was, was tired of giving in.

I’m tired of giving into people I’m tired of being told I can’t do something when I can and now I’m taking a stand I’m following my heroes moving up to the quotes and I am really tired of giving in.

you know when I turned 18 I took the opportunity to really study my life I let things kind of I want to work for a while and now that I’ve been out of work I’ve learned it’s really hard to get back in there and get study job but I’ve taken something from that I’ve taken that a business owner can own a business and still have fun a business owner can employ a good employees and do the right thing at the right time.

I’ve lived by the simple thing life is short but never waste a minute love is long so don’t wait too long and find the right woman and it will be there.

Soso I’m courageous Lee taking on a new step I’m going into a world where the bite of a rug or the nip of a little person can make a big difference. I am one of the millennials but I’m also one of the millennials with a deep thought to the future of this country we cannot sell out more than we can hand it over to the Russians of the Chinese I refuse to believe that we can’t get fresh better ideas than what we got right now.

Businessbusiness isn’t just a want business ain’t something you study business isn’t something that you learn overnight business is love you have to be an entrepreneur nowadays you have to be wide open in your thoughts yet to be sharing your communication skills and you also have to remember who you are from within.

basically have to have an intro mantra you have to find the heroes and fine-tune those quotes they always use like the never give up never say die attitude and always push for the best cuz when you’re pushing for the best you’re always the best of yourself and the people around you.

Traveling I’m going to travel around the world I’m going to go to sporting events and get the idea in my head I’m going to take entertainment to the next level the next more he then it needs to be and I’m going to get a whole bunch of people together scientists more ologist weather technologist and I want to put together the biggest team for the best entertainment

but see I’m going to go on the world because I want to entertain these people I want to give these people something to talk about it’s not about the weather it’s not about politics it’s not about how we do things it’s about where our country is going that’s a true reality check into a world that no one has ever seen.

See a long time ago we thought these people were slaves to us and a long time ago these things are still happening it was recognition of a movement when all the next movements about to begin except it’s going to begin a new way it’s going to begin with teaching history going back to the basics of history can you name the man in that picture?

and years ago it was a ironic thing to see somebody like this not give up her seat on a bus but more to the point it was a statement of moving forward in life. we begin to understand that we were not the only ones on this Earth we begin to see that always were wrong and we’re going to learn from our mistakes.

let’s see what we’ve been learning while we’ve been taking the time to learn from our mistakes we pick one month when it’s a year-long struggle to learn we picked one month to cover all the things that have happened in the history and yet we pay homage to them one time a month I want to show that every month every day of every year of every decade of every moment of every second of every day is the most treasured the most desirable position to learn

one of my greatest sayings is a lesson learned is a lesson earned and you can’t learn a lesson if you don’t learn a lesson first.

I’m proud to talk about love I think it is the most beautiful sight that you can ever see on Earth I think it is one of the more exclusive understanding moments of happiness you can ever learn as you go through life.

I think another Part of Life Is Knowing what love really is when you actually understand when you actually except the matters of love you begin to understand why they’re there and what makes them so fabulous.

take 10 minutes to take a day take one whole life time and try and put it together to match the tens of thousands of lifetimes that we forget things everyday.

this business that I’m doing I am a millennial and I do not believe that socialism will work in America but just like this we have to prove guilty what socialism does now I can prove it but first they have to believe it.

Andand a comprehensive way I’m going to be the newly-formed entrepreneur but I’m going to take on a bigger wave of people I’m going to reach out where the media doesn’t want to reach I’m going to take on the newer proposition and I’m going to create a newer agenda one that it compasses everybody and not just one group.

I’m not going to get on a plane and fly everywhere I want to go I’m going to get a motorhome and I’m going to drive all across America just to hear one story that makes sense to me just to go to Washington DC one time and tell them you need to listen to this put all these people on video and let them tell their story and then get a real response for the media to look at.

stop this off the road train that the Democrats have created and put the chain back on its tracks and get people to understand that things in life are never free and the freest thing you have right now is your life here in America because the freest people of America are the most expensive things of America the families of America that have put their blood sweat and tears into working a job 8 hours a day 5 days a week to make it by on 40 hours a week.

Or living month-to-month on a paycheck working for a school district they probably doesn’t make any more than you knowing that one day you’ll make a difference in a child’s life if you teach the truth of history.

re-evaluating a homeless situation across this country and taking into effect that we do have homeless teens and kids across America that need a home the need a stability stool to stand on the need a symbol of Hope and that requires hard work dedication and a drive and integrity to do the job.

don’t ask God to do something unless you’re willing to work just as hard as he is to help you get there.simplest way to put that don’t put your foot in your mouth and think everybody’s going to hand you something for free when you know it’s not true.

I’mI’m also going to bring back the personal touch that’s why I have this YouTube symbol up here this is going to be the symbol of excellence for my entertainment I’m going to broadcast on YouTube once in awhile I’m going to create videos Marquee to myself and the people around me who work day today to make it work the best I can.

I’m going to find the town I’m going to find the entertainer inside these people and I’m going to bring it out to you guys I’m going to let you see them work I’m going to ask Sam if they can be basically entertaining without a political insult. cuz we don’t have that we don’t have that entertaining part of it it always turns dirty and nasty because we had to take shots at our political side and I’m not going to let that happen with my company news is news commentaries common trait cheap shots or not news.

I’mI’m going to work my hardest to bring you the best and entertainment I’m going to work my hardest to produce a fair and balanced side of the news I’m going to bring back a fan letter Newsweek I’m also going to be introducing a lot of great mini-series for YouTube.

virtually I’m going to take over what the media can’t do that cannot produce a show without some political insult they can’t do an actual News-Press show without getting a few digs in on our government and I refuse to believe that news is required to cover just the government side of things I’m going to dig deeper than the government I’m going to dig deeper than the news I’m going to dig into the truth I’m going to take a bite out of the lie and put a bite and somebody who really needs it to wake up and look at this and actually have a real conversation about it

Hate speech in America

the political realm is rivaled with hate speech the public announcements are raveled with hate and deceitful speech in America and I’m going to cover it all right down to why the left side is going socialist and the right side is trying to build up America in a way and these ponytail Republicans who don’t want to do it.

Socialism is busted

Socialism is not America socialism is Venezuela on drugs and when broke its broke it doesn’t work and I’m going to prove that by going in-depth on this mini-series on YouTube

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