WWE RAW POWER UP TO Wrestlemania

Live in Pittsburgh PA it’s Monday Night RAW.

FASTLANE IN Cleveland Ohio

So things couldn’t get hotter in Cleveland they sure heated up in Steel City USA.

Wrestlemania Host Announce for Future of the Women of the WWE SHOW Host.

And this was the ending to the last Monday Night Raw and what Ronda Rousey’s temper has caused to do and now here is Stephanie McMahon’s response

Now if you guys forgot last year or couple years ago when Ronda Rousey was signed to WWE the McMahon Family pulled some dirty tricks on her and it elimination chamber before signing her contract it was Kurt Angle who opened the eyes of Ronda Rousey and showed her what Triple H and Stephanie McMahon were up to so to re-evaluate her situation here is her this Monday on Raw.

This was Ronda Rousey today on Monday Night Raw and her statements against the WWE and the McMahon Family Legacy so the challenge is how does mr. McMahon win back a sure-fire name in Hall of Fame and how does Stephanie McMahon respond to her inflammatory remarks this past Monday

And here’s the fellow farewell speech to the shields brother and Dean Ambrose

According to reports and according to WWE calm Dean Ambrose has decided not to re-sign with the World Wrestling Entertainment Company Corporation and has chosen to move on to greener pastures.

So mean Dean Ambrose Meet The Man Behind the man of the shield the Justice the hounds of the WWE.

, Dean Ambrose has come so far and we wish him luck in all your future endeavors and hopefully he finds what he’s looking for.

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