We’re we’re on the road to WrestleMania and it stops in Dayton Ohio with smackdown live.

the best news of all though the host for wrestlemania is Miss Bliss Alexa Bliss that is.

One of Fastlane highlight reels was The Miz sending both the Usos flying

and here’s your WrestleMania promo cuz within the next 24 days from now you will be sitting live at WrestleMania on WWE Network.

there’s a retirement and a farewell coming from one WWE Superstar

and his response following his match against Apollo crews.

Now the response from Apollo crews about Kurt Angle and his announcement.

The final statement after this

Remember this commercial that aired on for the TV for Monday night raw’s three hour tour.

And now my final statement

Monday Night Raw Tuesday night SmackDown live what are they all coming to and how will Vince McMahon handle the attitudinal Ronda Rousey.

she holds a record in the UFC she holds the record in mixed martial arts MMA so how does the WWE compete with a woman of that statue I mean come on they’ve never had anybody so big go against so many little women.

I think that Ronda Rousey has a perfect attitude for the hate b**** era and that’s what they’re producing on most of their shows let’s see Stephanie McMahon was the mega b**** for the authority she didn’t care who she fired and she stopped caring about how people felt and so I think it’s a good taste of her own medicine if you think about it

smackdown live Becky Lynch Charlotte flair Bose headed WrestleMania both set to face the meanest woman on the planet Ronda Rousey this could be the beginning and the end of Becky Lynch and Charlotte Flair’s career if they’re not careful Ronda Rousey will break every bone in their body to retain the raw women’s title.

mr. McMahon fooling around with Kofi Kingston’s career and a WrestleMania match he’s pick 6 men to face Kofi Kingston in a gauntlet match next Tuesday on smackdown but I really do wonder about his seniority as he is put Kofi Kingston and the hardest match of all.

Kofi Kingston has been in the WWE nearly 11 years his resume is undeniable he is a sure-fire hall-of-famer and is it class a superstar I would be happy to sit down with Kofi Kingston and do a one-on-one interview for my blog.

Kofi Kingston has proven time and time again that he supports and believes in the mission of the WWE he is supported and he is shown his support all through The years even the beasts are campaign he was allowed his voice with John Cena and many other convincing Superstars I don’t know about Vince McMahon I have not seen him Trump be a star rally and he doesn’t exactly do too many appearances for WWE either.

so in closing I think Vince McMahon is scared I think Stephanie McMahon is scared I think the whole McMahon family has something that is going to eat them alive and by the time it’s done they’re going to be lost at the WWE to these top talent superstars..

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