Hollywood elites and Democrats bribery

A message for all those leaking lying liberals and Hollywood elites.

fine-tune your poor me slogan give it a break because it doesn’t work anymore you guys are the biggest cheaters and the biggest liars I’ve ever met in the Democratic party your Hollywood elite cheating the actual special ed kids and taking advantage of a system that is broken is not right.

and see I always knew that stupid people got even stupid or when it came to the Democrats because that’s all they all are just a bunch of stupid on coherent people.

they talked about life and liberty and justice for all but when they’re actually talking about it they’re saying that’s for the conservatives because they want Justice on everybody who is conservative they want to send us to jail and they don’t care about all rights or liberties or the justice that we may have earned but they don’t want to hear that.

and Alexandria ocasio-cortez a officer of the Congressional office of the United States Congressional house really have to believe that she is an illegitimate Congress lady to have any sort of integrity. wait a minute that’s too dignified for a lady of her stature may be idiots more dignified because she has no morals she has no understanding of life.And compassion and jobs and farmers and stuff like that that’s too formal for her she doesn’t care about that what she cares about is stupid green deals killing and massacring cows to make a green deal work.

objectified and Alexandria ocasio-cortez objectified not even close her liberal socialism doesn’t even deserve the name liberal she deserves that caught and three squares a day or in a steel cell for murder on a whole life stock because she wants a green New deal.

these penny loafers they call themselves Democrats these highfalutin thousand-dollar plane rides they take to all these exotic destinations are bunch of fakers and sheep’s clothing. Chuck Schumer Beto O’Rourke Alexandria ocasio-cortez how about the leaky liberals get back on the train to Dallas and fly back to Egypt before somebody sends in there via FedEx.

this is a sad State of affairs a college admissions counselor across this country is willing to accept bribery as a way to put children to school especially the Hollywood elite kids what a sham for people who work in the college profession. Names like Berkeley names like the Virginia tech what are you guys thinking are you that out of your mind stupid?

colleges for the highly educated idiots out there and they make themselves very well-known and these county workers who work in Lane county or no better than the idiots that work at the state capital of Oregon and they’re only excuse for the job for the sucky job that they do is because they get paid lots of money and they able to give themselves lots of raises every year did you know that the state of Oregon unemployment office has the third-highest ranked paid positions.

And this communist egotistical democratic. Dialogue is the biggest joke you’ll ever see on TV. Nancy pelosi is a fake Beto O’Rourke is a fake the idiots in Washington DC like Maxine Waters and mazie hirono and Kate Brown and all those and the governor and all these people who work there have no idea what they’re really doing to America and the what they’re going to cost the American taxpayer.

logic dictates that are 90 billion dollar green deals not worth $0.03 logic tells me that in order to pay for that each taxpayer would have to come up with at least a trillion dollars in the first year just cover one-third of the 60 trillion dollar deficit that Alexandria ocasio-cortez would create.

but see that’s not the only thing that she’s pushed out there now the voting and commission elections government office has found that she funnel money to her election manager over $1million and unaccounted for funds and she frauded the federal government and lied to the American people.

I am just so tired of these Hollywood elites sitting down and talking about how they are so much better than the average American I’m so tired of our justice system forgetting about the average American and this idea that for 5 seconds if you thought that the American people were so stupid Hillary Clinton then you’re wrong.

speak out against me go right ahead Miss Clinton because I’m going to tell you what your husband is a sex fiend sex addict he couldn’t keep his pants on in the white house once again proving that your husband is a most dangerous man to society and people who believe you believe lies and contradiction and conspiracies that’s what you guys that’s what the whole Democratic party is about scandals and conspiracies against the American justice system.

remember that phony Trump Russian dossier that you got remember those those were what you paid for with your own money out of your own campaign just to make sure that Trump didn’t get elected but what happened you lost when you lose you lose a lot more than just that and I really hope that every single American citizen who believes in you text time to listen to real logic.

logic dictates if I cheat if I lie if I bribe if I curse a Russian to give me information then I should be jailed and then the average American citizen that has any constitutional rights would have been in jail and when they never got the special treatment that Hillary Clinton got and President Barack Hussein Obama got and these liberal elite Hollywood’s and these TV comedy show assholes who can’t pick a hole in the ground besides there but are so stupid that they don’t even see the writing on the wall and they’re losing viewers and they’re not going to get the trust of the American people.

communism that’s what our Democratic party is is a bunch of communist they can’t even stand on the Constitution because they’ll break it cuz of all the laws of broken so far Alexandria ocasio-cortez is a prime example of breaking the constitution in the Bill of Rights just to get what she wanted.

the whole thing here is this is what really ticks me off and sends me into a rage is it the Democrats these Hollywood TV guys and these phony ass little peckerwood to talk on CNN don’t understand that the constitution was put there to protect the American people was put there to protect the honor and good name every single right we have today.

pony up assholes and elbows because if you thought I’m lying wait until a Democrat gets in there that really doesn’t care about the America really doesn’t care about the Constitution really doesn’t care about the Bill of Rights and really doesn’t care about the United States as a whole I do much really see the Young generation died and our grandparents died because they don’t care it’s true and you can’t believe that then you might want to go look in New York City and Los Angeles and Hawaii and see all these people who are homeless who don’t have that opportunity that we’ve had or they’ve had go look at these people who have all these big houses and look at what they’re trying to promote by having an open border.

my prediction is it by 2025 it will be world war 3 here in America and the first person we take out after is the Democratic president who doesn’t care about Justice who doesn’t care about the law who doesn’t care about how it’s dealt with who doesn’t care about anything except his personal gratitude. this is a problem when people like the Hollywood elite the Democratic party don’t listen to what others are saying they lie to us they don’t tell us a whole truth and when they do you catch a half-truth a half lie or coronary of cornucopias of lies and deceit and misinformation and names that any average man will probably take to a personal property post.

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