Edge of the Docmarcy War

It’s real..

how we achieved a complete democracy are we headed to enter a democracy vs socialism war of words.

Call To Action!!

my call the action is to stand up for American democracy to stand up for the American dream and finally to stand up affair and balance justice system.

Here a Flash Point of Docmarcy.

See reached a turning point in America this is the point where a flash will happen Italy either be a war of socialist thinking or a war of democracy and I picked the war of democracy.

Wewe are clearly in a war of race and democracy and this is shown by political attendance on CNN MSNBC NBC CBS and ABC all those networks who try and wage a war between democracy and socialism.

Seesee the more we knocked down America and the more we hit the soft spots in American Dreams we begin to see our own failures and insecurity and ourselves that’s what the Democrats are beginning to see their own failures and insecurities and they’re lies and deceit with the American people.

Thisthis country was built around people working hard everyday this country was built on the belief that the American dream will live on forever this country was built on small business big business competition in every witch way of the word.

so in this competition we have with these other people these other countries we ourselves are falling to a miscarriage of Justice.

see it is in peril because so is our freedom of speech if we go socialism we never get anything back and the government will continue to Rob thief take whatever they can from us and give nothing in return.

Here’s a flash point of true democracy here’s a point where the American dream lives and where socialism dies the New order is what social ism is and it’s a bad thing socialism is death on barren ground.

see this is a true image of socialism this is what the United States would fall under if we had Obama still in office this is the highest percentile of death in America that you would ever see.

here’s the real truth behind socialism it doesn’t work behind democracy it does work every country is suffering from a problem called selfishness and this problem is highly technically problems that huge country must deal with in their own way like Venezuela.

Venezuelan leader stop caring about the people stop caring about life liberty and all those things just to make one statement and you see what it’s getting them it’s got them death it’s got them rioting in the streets and it’s got them stuck on socialist behavior

this is what the Cold war brought to America this is what it brought to the USSR and sometimes when you repeat history you have a very dynamic unco postulating View..

secy the Democracy we have work so hard for stands for life liberty and justice and even if the Democrats don’t like it even if the American socialist socialized Democrats don’t like it it is here this is not a kick to anyting this is democracy this is how it works we live our lives day by day knowing that our freedoms will never be taken away in the first person to step on those freedoms is the first person to catch a fight from all sides.

this isn’t a grocery store this isn’t a first liberty this isn’t you pick first I pick second this is teamwork this is America the American dream the American way and the American lifestyle is what we live for.

we are connected in so many ways to our brothers or sisters are husbands or wives are life or liberties are Justice and the one thing that stands about all else is the Democracy that we have gained so much popularity with.

democracy builds hope democracy builds dreams democracy makes history and we cannot go backwards to go forwards in history. we can’t become Russia we can’t become China we cannot become any of these foreign countries where socialism has destroyed the platform of political realm.

Soso I’m an optimist and I stand for good America I stand for democracy I stand for peace I stand for prosperity and I stand for the American dream I don’t want rich people taking over our lives just as much as they don’t want Democrats pushing socialism as a way of life because it isn’t.

is there is one time that we need to work together if there’s one time when we need to come together as a America this is it this is America this is the American dream does the American revolution and once this is the American prosperity of life and liberty and justice..

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