WWE Updating Reels

Chicago plays host to Monday night raw and rondo rouzy girls while her heel turn in the WWE has become quite evident by her language and her actions this trasse couple weeks on Monday night raw as wrestlemania makes its way here.

April 7th live from New York City it’s wrestlemania and will you got the fire this gonna burn every man’s desire knowing what the matches are and what’s going to bring the triple threat match on the women’s side to a dead screaming halt.

Chicago played host to not only the best event of Monday in R awww but also played host to the retirement road for Kurt Angle as his final opponent at wrestlemania will be Bron wait a minute Baron Corbin.

Muskrat’s in the doghouse Battista on a rampage for Monday night raw and the COO Paul Lavqeve back best known as Triple H is in the firing line of days Battista as hothead.

Day Battista is proving that he has an opinion of Triple H and Triple H is out to prove that he has an opinion of Dave Bautista but the problem is is it they both have done wrong so they both have a lot to answer for in the WWE and this match at wrestlemania no matter how far it goes this no holds barred match between days Battista and Triple H will be the firing line for many more matches to come in the WWE as Paul Levesque best known as Triple H will have his 1st match at wrestle Mania against Dave Battista .

Indianapolis Indiana smack down live hit the road wrestlemania in Indianapolis with AI dropping omission from Mike them is so the question is is the Miz ready for Shane McMahon all of his bragging comes down to this in Indianapolis we found out that stop for them is at wrestlemania was going to be Shane McMahon and a 1 on 1 contests.

And here is the response from Shane McMahon’s statement last week regarding them is and his actions at fast lane.

Now last week Mr. McMahon name 5 WWE superstars to complete and a G match against kofi Kingston these 5 superstars Gauntlet Match if kofi Kingston win he would get his wrestlemania moment but last night on smack down live they changed it up on him and it was a 6 man gauntlet match so I really think Mr. Of man is pulling lies and tell him stories to the media to save his face

So last night after kofi Kingston won against all 5 of those WWE superstars mystic man changed the match and added Daniel Bryan the big mouth recycling man to the already beaten and broken kofi Kingston a liar a cheat and now the new day is talking about quitting the WWE

So if Monday night raw and smackdown can getting louder it was a fight free-for-all on the Kevin Owens show doing smack down live the actions of Becky Lynch and Charlotte flair came shining through

Both Becky Lynch and Charlotte flair will compete in a triple threat women’s raw title match at wrestlemania that’s if they can make it to wrestle Mania without tearing each other apart and that includes the rowdy Ronda rousey if she can make it to wrestlemania without getting suspended by Mr. McMahon he is one of the most irritating people right now because hes not being fair to his top talent and hes cheated kofi Kingston out of emacs so I can only suppose that pretty soon kofi Kingston and Ronda rousey and eat properly even more than that prale a couple as suspensions will be happening sooner than that.

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