No collusion no nothing

Washington DC: Adam shift Maxine Waters and many more are out to prove that Donald j Trump was colluding with the Russians but yet the Mueller investigation prove no collusion and I would like to point out the obvious to all of you anti Trump supporters.

so inspector Mahler that are known as The witch Hunt has imported into the attorney the district attorney for the United States and there was nothing in there that prove collusion and yet the Democrats are going to have a total meltdown minor over the fact that they could not prove collusion or even come up with an impeachment against Donald j Trump.

see all these dams or after Trump but yet they have nothing on him they’re willing to lie cheat steal the truth and tell the American people that Mueller was paid by Trump to dummy up the investigation.

when the actual truth is they have nothing so there were there willing to ruin America to support their nothing statements supported clearly by the fact that Adam shift Maxine Waters and all these other Democrats are sitting in their golden light houses paid for by the taxpayer and living on a taxpayer’s income to support the lie that truck was actually colluding with the Russians when he wasn’t so I would demonstrate to all of you in this post that it was Hillary Clinton who colluded with the Russians during the 2016 election.

it was Hillary Clinton who played a Russian a lot of money for a dirty dossier on President Trump.

it was former FBI director Comey who dummied up the dossier and used fisa warrants to get information that was not needed and fisa abuse falls back on the Democrats because they did not think to look at the source of the information.

director Comey exonerated for trade and lie to the American people by writing an exoneration letter way before Hillary Clinton’s email scandal had even ended in 2016 but yet he says he did his best and there’s a lot of people out there doubting his best

so if Adam shift mazie hirono and all these other shifty little Democrats want to play this game then allow me to inform you of the amendment that allows the American people to vote you out of office under special election law and I will push for it if you guys do not support the letter of the law and drop it where it is right now there is no collusion there will be no collusion and if some by some miracle you find somebody to tell the biggest fattest while I then it is collusion by you guys the Democrats.

the American people are tired of your b******* they’re tired of your lies they’re tired of your disrespect and they’re tired of being of you being so ignorant that your stupidity last a long time.

I stand with every single American and saying that the Democrats have been elected to do a job and they need to do their job that’s what they were elected to in the first place and now that the investigation by Mueller is completed the Democrats need to move on and do the job they’ve been asked to do stop going on phony CNN and fake news media to lie to the American people it doesn’t work anymore the American people know what you’re up to they know your game and pretty soon everybody’s going to know that the Democrats are the ones who colluded with the Russians the Democrats are the ones who tried to phoning up a dossier on for on the current president of the United States the Democrats are the ones who tried and failed to keep him out of office.

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