Letter to my Followers and the readers

Hello Followers and Readers

So I’ve decided to compose this letter to all of my followers and viewers and readers and all those people out there who check me out on Google and follow me on my Facebook and are always finding ways to connect with me in liking and commenting on here it’s very interesting.

I ain’t one for short conversations and I’m not just going to cut you off if you have a point I created this blog long time ago because I was wanting to be a public figure well I’m starting to launch myself to the next platform and that is a website it’s kind of squirrelly right now because I don’t have the funding that I need so I’m trying to come up with funding and some of my options are I’m hitting on family members throwing out random prices that I know it cost.

I’m looking about a to Grand investment I’m looking for someone who will be my second business partner cuz I’m going to be the first I’m looking for someone who has an interest in business and I’m also looking for funding someone with a little bit of cash I’m looking about a two grand investment I’m looking for someone who will be my second business partner cuz I’m going to be the first I’m looking for someone who has an interest in business I am also looking for funding someone with a little bit of cash right around 2 or 3 grand on hand to get the business up and going now so you may think why in the heck would he need three thousand dollars well $3,000 would give me a booster for the next year of my website $3,000 for the loud me to put more stuff content wise into it as you are my viewers and readers and I would also be able to boost my youtube channel to get more fuse and become a paid subscriber of YouTube.

I’m looking to my future I’m looking to be an entrepreneur and I’ve got a great start because I’m not giving up I’m looking to become a conservative yet modest entertainment Specialists I’m looking for the opportunity to do research for a company that is complexities or simple and modern and has the Ingenuity to want to do it.

Here are our my top five most important things that I want to focus on.

1 Ingenuity and integrity for business. Encompassed by the comprehensive direct and very extensive reliability of this Ingenuity and integrity to do business right.

2. Providing a reliable and integrable business of merchandising products sales and complete comprehensive research led by the finest of search engines and multi-platform social media providers.

Example Facebook Twitter Instagram YouTube and so much more

3. The credibility of this blog is not in question I’m always very straightforward about what I report what I write and how to have your things so if you have any questions you should really ask what is the future like for this blog and The website.

4. Getting the funding put together for Proactiv imagination field website they will provide advertising a template for multimedia marketing a 5-point digital plan for the future.

5. Buying and selling merchandise and also integrating advertising and professional marketing to social media and different types of entertainment

Now you want to know my goals it’s pretty simple over the next 10 years I’m looking at having a quarter of the million-dollar income with his website and within the first 20 years I’m looking to open opening a bar for adults children and entertaining the karaoke and live pay-per-view events to the bar N grill

So in just a little over 20 years I Look to have the biggest name and entertainment come and perform in the bar and grill this means that everything I do will be for a purpose and for one night only I will open up the bar sell tickets and bring family and friends around to listen to some great music and also watch some great family entertainment.

And as I continue to build on momentum going forward this blog just like my website will always be active with new and great interesting articles. I am only asking for help for a small number that is right around $3,000 going forward and this $3,000 will help to start my drain.

I’ll be purchasing a few Necessities such as a computer and also continuing the efforts to build a great selection of entertainment and that means that I will be purchasing a lot of online stuff like Hulu and Netflix to offer in at a future date.

And all of this will also come with a great deal the Partnerships I create for the future will have a Ingenuity about them and integrity to make better and expand on some things.

My future is here my future is now and my future is ready for me and I am ready to fulfill my future right here for all of you to read and see and watch anytime you want.

I want to thank you I want to tell you all how much I appreciate your follow your likes your comments and your imagination because for you this is a great opportunity to read about me to see the way I had what my point of view is on everything and as a personal note I love the follows I love the comments I love the feedback and that’s what’s going to make the future so great because you guys make it so awesome to do this and so much fun.

Thank you

& sincerely


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