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So for April, we’re taking a key interest in public safety this blog will feature different articles and highlight the importance of public school bus and regular driver safety.

By no means are we going to criticize the public transit industry or the school bus industry is all to bring awareness to the yield sign on the back of public transit buses and to make people stop when they see a stop sign on a school bus this is to protect the children the pedestrians and the people who ride these buses all the time.

We’ve all heard the saying when you see red. This is going to be a new mission for this blog and the website to protect The Pedestrian and to also protect the driver we’re going to bring awareness by holing making Transportation better for the people across America and for the children who have to ride the school buses who have to ride the public transit buses we’re going to bring a light to a very foreign subject.

Some laws around the United States especially here in Oregon or when you see a yield sign on the back of a public transit bus flashing you must stop and allow them to get back into the flow of traffic that is the case for Most states in this country and it is for your safety and the safety of the passengers on that public transit bus.

There are in fact very strict laws about school buses if you see the stop sign out with a flashing lights you are required to stop if there is not a medium a steel or a cementing medium in the middle of the road all Lanes must stop when the stop sign is out and failed to do so is just like running a regular stop sign.

But see there is a tragedy to this one and five kids are killed every day due to a driver not paying attention to a school bus that has a stop sign and the lights flashing one in five students don’t make it to school because of a drivers and ability to stop and wait for the children to safely be on board the school bus.

This is making Transportation very dangerous for pedestrians and for the children if we cannot as American people hold up to a simple philosophy when you see a red sign that says stop on a school bus then we are creating more dangerous than just the unexpected accidentally run stop light.

We’re going to focus on three major Global goals and we’re going to highlight these with advertising key Market placement and we’re also going to give out safety Wars to the people who get involved in this campaign.

This campaign is called SAFE streets & Highway in America

. Stop: you need to respect what the sign says on the bus when it says stop you need to stop and let those students or children get safely on board the school bus.

Yield: Across America that is what you see on the back of every public transit bus Across America and that is for good reason because you need to yield the roadway to let them get back on the road once they’re done picking up and dropping off passengers.

The dangers on the street are becoming more often the dangers in the home are becoming more to but we’re going to take care of the streets you take care of the home these streets are meant for the public to use they’re not meant for drivers to try and hit children or hit pedestrians and they can’t wait for the bus to depart from its location out of stop this is why I’m taking this Challenge on and I’m going to face every aspect of the roadway from the focus groups to just the general conversation with local law enforcement and school bus drivers and public transit drivers in Oregon.

Making roads better

The key focus of this whole thing is to bring drivers to be aware of the need to follow the law and to also get the public involved in making safer more economical decisions and creating a safer space in America on the roadway.

Changes need to be made to the laws and people need to respect the roadway and the whole idea of this whole thing comes from a three siblings who died after getting hit by a driver who cannot even pay attention to the school bus sign that read STOP.

Stay tuned Public Safety week begins April 3rd and runs all the way through all the way through April 15th when tax day comes so we’re going to give you a full on course in public safety and public instructional driving and we’re also going to push the laws be stronger for people who do not pay attention on the roadway.

I am a public transit Rider and I don’t even like crossing the road so now I have to ride the bus all the way around and get off on the right side of the street so I don’t have to cross the street and that is pretty bad when you don’t even trust across the road over to the other side.

Searching for April 1st as the first ad or article will go up about Public Safety.

, April 3rd through the 6th we will have live video of interviews that I will be doing with different companies to express the urgency in car and drivers be more careful on highways and byways around the United States.

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