Hot injustice & Trump Clear

Smollett Injustice

Chicago : Fox News and every other media outlet has gone wild about the fact that the charges that were pending against Jesse small at have been dropped yes by the Justice department of Chicago the charges were dropped the police department is in flamed and mad and so is this sitting there about this whole situation with Jesse small at racial tensions that he created have now just been dropped because he didn’t believe in the police department of Chicago

$10000 the city cap and a 100 and some odd $1000 of investigating and the state or whoever got it dropped is now just reveling in irritating the police department and the 16 counts not including the federal counts the Jesse still has to answer for and I really do after wonder how far does racism go in the United States.

Donald Trump Clear

Washington DC:

The mall report hits town and trumpets cleared even of a struction of Justice but yet the democrats don’t want to let go they’re gonna beat on him a little bit and they’re gonna ruin the chances and twenny twenny Adam shipped as proven once again that he has no morals. A true sign of the politicians at work is when you see him all battle at together and A-war against trump and this time it could cost them more than what they are expecting.

Adam shipped Jeff merkley and most of the Democratic Party are thinking that there’s collusion but there’s not trump did not collude with any Russians during the 2016 election and now Adam shipped is being called out to resign because he has made some very inflammatory remarks.

You could almost laugh at the anticipation of the democrats and their socialist movement and the green deal that the democrats of supporting as they begin to die in a slow burning h*** for their sins that they are creating.

And if you want the truth here it is the democrats are willing to bring us to the brink of Civil War and O be the democrats fault because they will not listen they do not care and they don’t give a dam about the American people are the Constitution of the United States that we have stood firmly behind so if you’re Democrat and you’re standing out for a right thing you better read the Constitution and you better look very hard inside yourself because you’re going to destroy a long time resolution in the cost to sion are 1st 2nd all the amendments matter and if you don’t care about those then you don’t care about America.

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