Russellmania 35 is the books, the history books that is

Live from East Rutherford New Jersey it’s WrestleMania a 35.

Wrestlemania had its winners and its losers and it Saturday night boozers. Yeah the Saturday night team that lost and Bron stroman served it up like you said he would they got those hands.

Also it was officially kofi Mania. As kofi Kingston handed Daniel Bryan his 1st loss at wrestlemania with the WWE Tittle on the line and yes listen gentlemen wrestlemania was all that everybody hyped it to be as the number one most selling popular combat sports in history it grossed near 12.3 million dollars. That’s just some speculation.

Elias also bought his 1st loss I wrestlemania his life performance got shut down by the 20 year veteran John Cena With Classic WWE John Cena style.

But there was one positive thing to this whole night the smackdown who sows retained their tag team titles and Becky Lynch picked up a huge title victory at wrestlemania.

We’ve got a lot more to come we will a more action and those who he sues for that is going to be departing the WWE very soon and she or he has already talked about it on their blog stay tuned for mote

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