Looking for Start-up

I’m looking to the Future I’m looking to start a business and this is my business cover so with that being said this will be as no surprise.

but I am looking for a startup of $5,000 something to help me get this going now I am going to be getting my business license on May 1st not made a butt May 1st I will be inquiring to $100 of getting a business license and the $5,000 would be going towards building my business especially the website.

my business is going to encompass a lot of of fans stores and super fans people who like entertainment and who want to buy the merchandise that that entertainment sells.

these mini super fan stores would be opened up around Oregon and anywhere any state would have them there be a franchise merchandise store which would order and supply the fans with sports TV entertainment and live productions.

This includes music it would be a superstore for everybody to enjoy it would also have a viewing booth and a live center to wherever they can sit down and watch the shows that come on live Monday through Tuesday.

Interested in $5000 startup business for build a empowering online business and superstore build fan superstars inside all of us

Road To Wrestlemania 2020

I’m looking at take my blog on the Road to the Granddaddy the Year 2020.

Tampa Bay FL: I am looking to given Executive View Point and also I’m looking to do partnership with charity to grant a few 1000 Children’s wishes.

America on Road Show

I’m going to be exposing history and barring fact of history by also taking pictures and sharing the story of truth.

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