Startup Cash Pool

so I started a PayPal cash pool and I’m trying to raise the money I need to start my two businesses and so I’m looking for about $5,000 that’s my goal it doesn’t mean I’m going to get $5,000 on PayPal but that’s my goal and it’s going to go towards my entertainment online and it’s also going to go towards a music bar abarth it simply futures all different types of music.

next month I will be purchasing my business license and I will be putting that towards my online entertainment product and I will be building my website once I get the money to build it

PayPal cash pool

the letters above are a link to the cash flow that I’ve started if you wish to donate every little bit helps and I will leave the making a donation to it at the first of the month so I look forward to any help anybody can give me and I will be doing my best to provide you with the most and give you all the information I can

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