We’ve had big Travel

well as we look to the future of this blog and we continue to grow as a country and as a conservative media outlet I’d like to let everybody know that I am planning a road trip across this country to bring you the viewpoint of America to sit down with common people and have a one-on-one video session where they’re able to voice their opinions to the questions I asked.virtually what’s going to be happening is is my blogs going to go on the road we’re going to start in Eugene and we’re going to go all over the country one city at a time one state at a time and we’re going to give you the people’s View.We’rewe’re going to be rolling out with Brandon point of view plus news entertainment research and we’re going to be giving you the straight for dancers that you need to know for your future.and that’s not even half of what we’re doing we got a lot more to come and there’s a lot more things that are going to be happening soon we’re going to have a whole society of people on this blog posting different subjects and talking about many different thingsWe’rewe’re going to be going after the truth in America we’re going to be seeking the facts and we’re going to be burying out some truth about the pleasure love and sexual advancement of female and male companionship.so we’re not just taking the blog on the road we’re taking questions for all of you to answer on the road we want you to give us your opinion and don’t hold back cuz when we hit your city we’re going to have questions we’re going to want answers and we’re also going to take a video of a few select people to put on my viewpoint VlogWe’rewe’re also going to be taking music on the road because we want to hear what people have to say about the different types of music there is out there this is like one of those times where you know it’s going to be fun but we’re going to show you how much fun we can really have because at the end of this trip everybody that we talked to everybody that was asked a question to is going to get a nice surprise.we’re going to show them appreciation by putting together a traveling band virtually we’re going to put together some very unique people to play different instruments and the travel with us and if you can sing we’re going to give you three minutes to sing a song of your choice or a dedication of your choiceThisthis is going to be a long road for me but it’s the American dream I’m seeking is American dream I’m going to live I’m going to put my voice out there and I’m going to speak out against hate I’m going to speak out against socialists and I’m going to speak out against a big government.this is where Brandon’s viewpoint will be taking on the big media but we talkin about controversial subjects will be going head-on with the most talented people out there and will be selling the best products on an e-commerce site so we’re not just going to do the talking we’re also going to sell the products markets the consumer and show everybody else out there who wants to live the American dream that it is a very luxurious American dream to be had.cuz all I have to do is invest time and money in myself to make it work so I’m going to invest money and time and dedication in myself and I’m going to work very hard to make a point to make an impact to give back to the community.

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