Overall intention featured

Meet the owner of this grand plan opening

Brandon is 31 year old GED holder and this article will have the Dynamics and structure of this online Business plan.

Online Business Target for Prime source of Cash Flow.

1. Sports Super store online

2 Music and Artist with Genres Store

3 Focus Marketing Advertisement with Prime Promotion

4 Building Platform of traveling multi platform media store.

My business Model is strategy is for Online Platform and this mean my media plan is going to intention is bring radio and television partnership . To provide a consistent basis of income with Media Advertising and or Promotion with business sponsorship plans.

Point of View Entertainment and Research plus News is a new internet-centric, multimedia and entertainment company based in US. Through his website,

The Company engages in commercialized advertising, marketing, Live Streaming of Major TV network, host live entertainment and Radio blog. However, the Company also create opening center for entertainment and marketing which includes professional sport, online product and sales of merchandise.

The company also offers restaurant and bar services
1 Building A Entertainment online and in-store formation.

2 BUILDING up binary investments backup for extra cash flow outside the website

3 Looking for a loan of $10,000 with 2 years return and also 20% partnership in the company with a 10% return in 2 yrs.

4 Finding a Studio for New Mini Series on YouTube including Social Media.

5. Build a Cash Flow site that sell sports and Entertainment merchandise

Loan of $10,000 with a 10¢ of each $100 mad will goes to the 15% equal investment and in addition for every $500 dollar a $1.50 deduction will be an assessment of the company feature business

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