WWE All Overall Shakeup

Official Shakeup has been complete on Both WWE Monday Night Raw and WWE Tuesday Night SmackDown Live it going to be official rundown for this WWE Shake up and Very special Look Back At WrestleMania Two Belts Becky Lyuch.

Tuesday Night Aj Style House of SmackDown Live has move to Official over to Monday Night Aj Style House of Raw. As of next Monday the Delightful AJ style will be a Main Stay of Raw for awhile the highlight from Monday Night Raw only On USA Network

This will biggest shakeup of the year for SmackDown Live and this would be major destory of SmackDown Live.

Lars Sullivan is 30 year old and he is true the Monster like WWE announce team say he true the best in the business. He weight in at 330lbs and he over 6ft tall and he All America Professional Combat Wrestlemania

This everyday workout on WWE Performance Center and this could be this could be the best in all point wrestling.

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