SpyGate Revisited 2019 Part 2

The Epoch Time

Efforts by high-ranking officials in the CIA, FBI, Department of Justice (DOJ), and State Department to portray President Donald Trump as having colluded with Russia were the culmination of years of bias and politicization under the Obama administration.

Sean Hannity Blasts Deep State SpyGate

Name of leadership of SpyGates

Hillary Clinton, Sally Yates, Michael Horowitz,   this few name of top level obama Official. It’s is true a part of the deep-states. and here coming more by: “Memorandum for Sally Quillian Yates Deputy Attorney General,” written by Karl R. Thompson

FBI agent Peter Strzok, FBI Deputy Director Andrew McCabe, and FBI lawyer Lisa Page.

And this was most dishonest hand in Deep States and the undercutting statements by all three and now they can’t be trust.

President Trump takes aim at the ‘criminal deep state’

This was reporting by Sean Hannity after hard hitt press and then you watch this clip of the Congressional Question Peter Strzok and this was reply to all the good questions

Rep. Trey Gowdy questions FBI’s Peter Strzok in fierce grilling

Now this over Email Scandal involing the President Hopeful Donald J Trump. and now i would like you all to know that Trump has officially been clear of any cullusion with Russia. And their nothing that i could see charging obsturction when the Senators have could charged Congessional House Democrates with Obsurction..

Jim Jordan GOES OFF During Clinton Foundation Hearing

Now this make scandel over the Benghazi attacked in 9-11 & 9-12 of 2012.. And this was bring up next is The email scandal. It’s would be question over video that we never saw.

Now we going to bring the current war the democrate are not true to America People. Jerry Nadler has continue the Lying that Democrate continue extreme lies by senor congressional Jerry Nadler

Nadler on whether Dems will keep investigating Trump no matter what Mueller says

Here Donald Trump attorney on with Fox & Friends

Rudy Giuliani reacts to Mueller report finding no collusion

But i do truly believe that Democrate lost their mind and it really misconduct by Democrates especially Nadler. and Presidental of Democrates.

Hannity: Ocasio-Cortez bashes capitalism

We’ve got the truth right here with Sean Hannity on Fox News Channels and this Ocasio-Cortez have been lying to people and im newly Entrepreneur and creative Small Business . and this have more in Couple of Months

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