Mueller clear Trump

So no collusion no entrapment and no questions anymore about collusion with Russia over the Trump campaign

America has spoken the people have been listening and it is clear that Trump did not collude with the Russians on his campaign the question should be has the Democrats colluded with the Russians and why is Jerry nadler and Elijah Cummings and all these Democrats pushing for something they know would be a bad idea.

I can understand her cross your Cortez because she’s ignorant she doesn’t think about what she says and her statements are ignorant of common sense in my opinion.

Donald j Trump the president of the United States the man who gave us a tax break who basically brought more to the table than what any democrat or republican before him has ever done he was work super hard to create good deals he’s got North Korea and South Korean talking he is doing his very best to deal with his ignorant Democrats while they push this fraud investigation even further.

my question to Jerry nadler to across your Cortez and to all the Democrats that are pushing for impeachment.

can you prove beyond a shadow of a doubt the Trump actually colluded with the Russians?

Can you explain how Trump obstructed justice during the Mueller investigation?

why do you Democrats feel that Donald Trump needs to be impeached for simply being present and standing up for himself when he was being railroaded on media press and the extreme left?

those would be my questions to the Democrats and I think they’re pretty straightforward and I think they deserve answers but I know I will never get them cuz they’re so blinded by hate and demagoguery and insecurities to answer the question that I’ve asked.

Fox News was right all along Trump did not collude with the Russians Sean hannity was right all along Trump did not collude with the Russians Trump did not expect Justice he’s simply felt that he was outnumbered and he needs to speak out

see that’s the problem with these Democrats they don’t care they stopped caring when the American people showed up for themselves and the American people voted loud and clear about how they felt about what was going on in America I think that Trump well outdo them out smoke them and his approval rating is up to 50% so I think that the Democrats are losing a lot of ground by pushing something is already been cleared by many people a great many people.

the collusion narrative is over the obstruction of justice is over the only ones obstructing justice now is the Democratic party because they have a two-tiered justice system and they can buy their way out of anything but they need to stop and listen for once because if they don’t I hope everybody votes red.

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