Proposal Plan $200,000.00

This Next Month it will official for my new business and this will the feature of Entertainment. Our new Proposal has goal of $200,000.00 raising the money to start construction of the website and Mobile App including the Modeling of the new Restaurant and theater setup

Proposal Including Three Executive plan of the business startup.

Mission Summary

Our mission is to establish a music bar business that will create a standard of excellence in the industry. We want to grow our bar business to be listed amongst the top leading bars in the United State within the first 5 years of opening our doors to the general public.

Mission Summary 2

Point of View Entertainment and Research plus News is a commercial enterprise, and as such, exists for the purpose of generating sales & profits for its investors, owners and staff.  Because Point of View Entertainment and Research plus News is a service business, it also exists to serve its customers.

Monday Night Raw

Yes im looking to team up with World Wrestling Entertainment “WWE” to bring everyone a great Merchendise and allowing you to watch Monday Nights Raw and Tuesday Night SmackDown and we also offer get the great deals.


This deal would allow us to showcase great Merchandise and also offer compleition to our Entertainment with warm family and Single Guy & women investe in Continuouse Marketing Ecommoce site.

Three Shift

Morning Shift 6am to 2pm

Afternoon Shift 1pm to 9pm

Evening Shift 7pm to 2am

Each of the three shift will have complete sit list for management and investment cleaning and up keep on the open hours and closing hours. and This mean that will have people stright cleaning crew and they will have 2 shift first is at 6:30am to 4:45pm each day and after hours 2:00am to 4:30am

This that only the three shift have to do is Stock and do up keep on the
Restaurant and theater daily to do list. and their alway be a 2 men around to help the women and also help customers to.

stay tone for more to come..

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