Call out Abuse

How Many of you have see Abuse?

I’ve see this abuse by men and I am notice this statement regarding abuse I have been ask to note this and speak to you my reader because it Not Okay

Okay their is abusively family to. It actually stand out when you’re friends say that they see it. Realistic the idea is stop but it not easy to stop.

Now this isn’t about 1 type of abusively cause we’ve got cover the key type of abuse and sexually is the most disgusting type of abuse.

In one hand it just to women but also to men. I mean I’ve been working with my past and it hard and that why I encourage people and stand up for yourself.

In your heart it hard,

In your body you cry

In the way you look

But the more I think about it the more I think it should be dealing with on common sense but believe their that to no matter what the person who did it is dead . That in the forefront of your mind and how look at featured.

I found a song that was very encouraging me in a personal way. But we’ve got to focus on rebuilding yourself cause I have been rebuilding my self .

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