Brandon Simple Rule

If you don’t know then your about to get a interested intellectual look at my simple yet common sense rules.

1.Don’t be a Taylor swift

2. Don’t play that feel sorry games

3. Please show some respect and Love to people

4 acting stupid and be stupid is not in wheel house so don’t act and don’t be stupid about common sense

5 be asshole is acceptable if the people who talk have disrespectful attitude

6. Have self respect and don’t try to impress me cause it waste of time

7 Be who you are and save yourself the trouble of being somebody you’re not.

8. Be fair enough to admit when you’re wrong.

9. Be a encourage to people and always share encourage words.

10. In a relationship your love is bond not the sexual interaction and you have to build that love and encourage to women or man you sharing your love with.

11 Have a Sense of Business and Communicate that in regards to your featured.

All these are reasonable commonplace rules and goal that foundation for relationships and Friendship.

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