Talking Point Friday

On This Day

I was fortunate enough to believe in people who really Care.

Dating Focus

1. Don’t ask me for Money cause your block without question.

2. Do not used the pretender role. I don’t play and you won’t get a date

3. Please be real about yourself and be acceptable about standing of Dating or Relationship.

4. I’m true about feeling when come to dating and Relationship and or Friends with benefits.

5 I’m going to be honest with you on many levels and one that is No go for drugs cause I am owning my life and feature relationship.

About Me

Name Brandon

Age 31 year old

Height 5’6″

I am a single man with a lot of Hope and I stand on my beliefs and I stand up for myself in ways most people don’t like. ☀️I’m also very willing to learn I have been learning about women and I have a post approved it and I share that with everybody.

My featured

My future is having my own business making this success building up an online following also finding the perfect blend of business and personal relationship to give me that feeling of satisfaction

over the next five years I hope to have a multi-million-dollar site that can afford me trips that I want to take and also Be the ideal website to build a business around.

I’m looking for a woman with the business attitude and also with a willingness to learn and a push to be v excellent helper and drive for the future in Relationship.

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