What happen to America

What America mean to real America to mean to me ?

The idea of what we say be struture by one Order socialist party like the Democrate don’t make feel all to comfortable.

John Wayne has made the America Dream real for me and speaking about America and what make America so Awesome,. In fashionable way i understand his view on America.

Why do i love America?

Well i tell you why because she has such a great love for people, America has represent respect and encourage to other and share positive outlook on life. This when the America i know and love give dreams and was built on the back United State Militray who served America so Well.

It really is increditibe to see the lands around our great Country grow. and the ideas being advance by people who the freedom to remain it is . cause i do believe that the America Dream is plus to be better.

God Bless America

This could be the most memorable moment on Television and John Wayne had alway defended the America Dream and now we after John Wayne long gone this what CNN and most the Mainstream media been doing this?

Ethan Wayne that John Wayne son and this interview over 8 hours long but also very deep cut at racist interviewer and this PlayBoy Artical represent i why i question the Morally of CNN and many other media Agenic.

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