Mueller Testimony

Is it me or did Robert Muller’s testimony just go up in flames like his career?

Well the inflammatory laugh don’t wanna mitt to feet but they have been defeated by just listening to what Mahler said they were defeated this morning when he couldn’t even answer the question straight on.

And then having the question for repeated by the question or just ran to look really badd I mean come on people how many idiocies it take to write a report I don’t think you had anything to do with this report.

So Adam shift Eliza Cummings and all of those democrats who don’t care about constitution me do it mitt defeat because they’ve already been defeated and the squad or whatever you guys are get off your railroad cousin aint gonna get any wall prettier maulers already admitted he knew nothing about the report and there was no collusion that he could point out in front of the question and in front the Congress or the intelligence committee.

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