Breaking Daily update

Being deducted from the regular live cast tonight we have new platform for these who wanna text our numbers text only is now open .

Txt only is 541-230-5771 only text call will be return by request after my podcast is over.

Now this week adding the community of people by adding the text only phone number.

And now I’ve been work on podcast Facebook page for Saturday night open line and I’m looking forward to launching it the first of August.

Next month I will also be celebrating my birthday month by hosting a conference of call and text to be more proactive in the future of business and general sponorship funding and community outreach system.

My podcast is also going to be host a international broadcast for live music and have full coverage to YouTube and tag team of marketing and sales to help support team.

As I working on a Class A team building. From sponorship to advertise deal that will generate growth and income. Stay tuned for more on new jobs

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