Fan Favorite πŸ‘Œ

So I’m always happy to give a fan a week of spotlight if I have my choice I give this lady a whole year

yes this lady has earned the fan of the week she is a wonderful lady she does her own podcast she is joining me on mine for a long time and we’ve had some great conversations very intriguing very in touch and very honest

but for all the great things this lady is the one thing she is and I’m proud to say is a mother she’s dealt with a lot of stuff that all mothers deal with with their children and I am proud to call her my friend I’m proud to call her fellow podcaster and I’m also proud to say that for her great talents she balances a lot of books.

She does Royal ladies empire on the podcast on castbox she’s done some awesome interviews and she is a total sweetheart of a woman with a great husband and wonderful children this makes her not only a fan of the week but family of the week

🌹Ladies And Gentleman ❀️

Introduce Julz

From Boston MA

If I was asked to describe the woman in this picture and without saying anything at all I think it would be a sweetheart a fun loving mother and a grateful husband because for all those things she’s got a business mine she’s got a great conversation and each and every week she entertains people on a podcast she is Julz’s. But she’s also a little bit more than that she’s the fan of the week the family of the week the woman who holds Apollos feet to the fire and gives him a lot of loving caring affection when he needs it and is his support team everyday.

Word to Describe Julz’s

Kind, Sweetheart a fun-loving mother and father moreover because she move over cause here Royality her self Julz’s and Apollo godspeed.


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