Apollo Godspeed and His Wife Julz Crown open up

Apollo Godspeed and his wonderful Wife Julz’s Crown has been gracing me with a co host on my podcast.

From Apollo Godspeed Hell to Heaven YouTube production

I think he great feature artists but when I was speaking with wife and Him he release his first album since his start career highlight with his new Album.

One song the show his Artistic in talent in music.

Now just below but a background this is his 1st full length album and as over like 20 songs on it I features zone tonight on my Podcast would park caster was but I did feature we’re going to have more with them is I was promised to have a 1 on 1 sit down with some bows on my Podcast so I hope that happens soon and I’m gonna tell you about last night’s podcast in general.

So last night with played a couple songs from Apollo godspeeds new album I was amazed and I still own mazed I had the honor of having his wonderful sweetheart of a wife Julz’s Crown on my show and we talked about a few things.

Julz’s open up in my most intimate interview as we talk Broken Mirrors and it being Apollo Godspeed first Full length album.


Julz’s Crown a mother a inspiration to being in the entertainment world a musician’s wife a great stature of holding a family and also producing and lot of great talent and latest save you I sat down with Julz’s and we went over a couple of the highs and lows of this album being made and at some point August to sit down with her husband.

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