Breaking Threat of eradication

I’m doing my podcast to the best of my ability and I’m holding myself accountable for what I say and how I act but after tonight I think I’m going to have to end my podcast and find someplace else because this is getting old, And now I’m going to show you.

Thisthis is not a joke for me this is serious and if people think this is a joke then they’re going to be thinking a lot harder because I’m willing to publicly embarrass them and shame them right off castbox.

I’m not one to take deathreats I’m a pretty laid-back guy about certain things but this is unacceptable now we’re crossing the line of no return.

and I’m laying it all on castbox shoulders because if castbox does not want to do anything about these people and they can’t control the crap is coming in there or they are going to help us out as castbox users then I’m going to go public on their asses.

I am a castbox user I create content I create conversation I’m trying to inspire people this is not inspiring people this is killing my castbox is they don’t get control of this I’m going to hold them personally accountable for everything that happens from here on out.

so what I’m going to do is make this statement I will not be held accountable for Jack byrd actions or any other castbox member who decides to come in and predicates hate on my podcast I will not play into that game and I will not have the debate about trying to deal with bullying because this is outrageous.


any and all content put out by my listeners I am on able to take down please do not be offended if they are being disrespectful or racing please be notified that I will kick them out personally this is not has nothing to do with anything but simply trying to control and keep my castbox moving along smoothly I want to apologize for any comments or unnecessary remarks made by any trolls or haters that come in my castbox livecast

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