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Next big jump is happening.. If your not ready then we are ready. On Novmber 1st 2019 this blog have sponorship spots. as read it. and this thank to PayPal deals via scaning ths Code and Donating here to support this blog

This cpde is Link to a PayPal link that will help this blog moving forward and in the feature if you decide to share this link you have discount when contact me after your donation for 5% and i am willing to sponsoring your advertising and Marketing your business..

Our Plan also is going to sponorship part open lane of Live Podcast and my Recorded Podcast right on and if you wanna join me as part of this post you can join me .. I am sharing the feature of revenue and also continue to create Merchandises and If you wanna know more connect with me on Instagrams. @brandonviewpoint

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If you support my blog i can picture like this for you to post my blog and supporting my podcast and you email ,if you wanna connect to be sponorship picture..

Walk with Nature

Now this one video has zone view some far except fro me, And that dont matter but if you are interest having walk with nature present please support me by donate $25 for a 15 minutes videos upload to her for to Advertising on here and facebook advertsing and Cost $30 time 7 day a week that equal out to be $210 this including my service of $35 so total is $175

This important message this week we are updating many social exciding the major sponsorship Plan to be a part this and if you have interest in be part of the supporting team please share cool sponsorship company that is willing to support this blog and all my entertainment channels including my podcast and YouTube Channels and Facebook Watch including Instagram.

Price List that i have put together with all the detail and how long each sponsorship deal can be created.

14 days in term of 2 week: Including Sponsorship, Live Up to date Advertising and Marketing. Would equal $910.00 including promotion and podcast pre recording sponsorship support and Live Facebook Interview with Advertising Also including for first 7 day and then it a poster up for 7 on facebook and Instagrams and YouTube Marketing deals ..

30 Day 1 month Term Including Sponsorship Partnership including Marketing and Advertising and Social Media Advance Marketing service a Poster send to local Housing Community get invole in the feature of your company . Price $1,220 for one month of Advertising in Picture of us with Logo in the backGround and14 days of YouTube Video Marketing with Supporting Logo in the view Right side Top of the screen.

This coming with very big cost to this blog we are moving forward with creation of GoDaddy partnership is plan but first we need to raise $700 for the website to built amd bog 5 goals for moving the business Plan forward and also opening SuperCenter for Entertainment in Sponsorship in Eugene As soon this website hit $3 million ecommerces Revernues and tag team with a major companies like and WalMart and Many.

Grand total for goal to be reach to achive maxmunm PayPal donation goal $300,000.00 for all these goal to be achived over the first 2 years.

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