Donald Trump by Democrats Impeachment “FAILED”

Understanding the truth of America, I mean this announcement in my reporting opinions. Donald J Trump is not guilty by all America Standard but yet Democrats are willing to risk the 2020 election just shut down but this announcement has lock out all america People who know the Truth about Russian Scandal was Big Wipper of Lies.

This totally failed on Jerry Nadler has continue to bring fake Impeachment proceeding are becoming truly disgraceful by Democrats in House of Respresentives in Washington D.C . And if you buy this story we have failed as American to support truth honesty

Okay let put this in Perpective when it come Democrats like Al Green, Joe Biden and many have totally lies to America Values system. In the vision of America i am not sold on Impeachment and if you buy the Democrats lies and coullision statement then you better check out the back on some these Democrats like Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama Scandal cause their also 30K email deleted by Hillary Clinton, Do to the Democrats Failed Policy, And they the Obama Administraction had the FBI in it back Pocket, And the President Obama pay off foragin government to Get america Soilder back.

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