Breaking : Two Big Time Match UP for October 31,2019

Just-In for Crown Jewel with Hours before Friday NIght SmackDown live tonight it was the Press Conforance in what could before ” Goes Live on Fox ”

Tonight the Official Draft will start when SmackDown coming live Tonight on FOX and this week ive got some predection for Friday NIght SmackDown

Seth Rollins Drafted to SmacKDown From Raw

Brock Lesnar Drafted to SmackDown from Raw

We could be seening more Drafted from Raw to SmackDown and it could be Braun Strongman to SmackDown . and we could be seening a Shocking to WWE shakeup on Friday Night SmackDown and On Monday Night Raw this next Monday on Raw Draft live only on USA #1 show every Monday Night..

This Friday we can confrim the following press conforance this friday and we’ve got the big plan for main match . It’s will be Braun Strogmann will facing off at Tyson Fury live at Crown Jewels. and this could be KickOut match live this October 31 2019 and we will have Mre when hit Crown Jewels This Thursday.

Tonight we have kickoff match with DRAFT implimentation for these two superstar tonight LIve on SmackDown Live on Fox.

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