$7,000 Ask me?

I’m setting myself as I read Questions.

I think the best Question is “What would you with $7,000 ?”

Answer: The honesty is that $7,000 would be use to start my Business and finding Home for me and Dog. The feature of using Invest in Me is Truly believe in Me

Summary of how $7,000 Will be spent.

1. Upgrading my Business plan with $1,500

2. Growing my YouTube and Podcast on Spotify and Google $500 Advertising

3.Trying to save up $300,000 to save my beloved Grandmother home.

Now my videos YouTube

PayPal Donate Raising goal $200,000

PayPal Donate Raising goal max $300,000.

#PayPal Scan this and share your support for blog and podcast on Spotify

This Spotify podcast and if you share you support just domate here by scanning the QR Code above.

Published by Brandon's Point of View Media

I'm solo blogger and I'm reporting what true and I am willing to speak on many subject and start selling merchandise on my website site including advertising and Direct service marketing is also Opinion

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