《Check》my Body

It actually a modern thought I am sure that people can’t this [Talk]

Did you guys can masturbated without trying sometime.

It part of the natural sexuality response and especially if their never sexually active for 20 years or better and are saving themselves for right women

In some fact their estimates 33.3 percent of male vs 34.3 of Female whom save themselves and then as pornstar are never saving themselves cause it nature and you get paid lot of money.

Google Woman Fact
The female orgasm typically lasts longer than the male at an average of around 13-51 seconds. Unlike men, most women do not have a refractory (recovery) period and so can have further orgasms if they are stimulated again

Google Male Fact
It’s where the male ejaculates too quickly during sexual intercourse. A study looking at 500 couples from 5 different countries found the average time taken to ejaculate during intercourse was around 5-and-a-half minutes

If truth be told I love to meet the one who hasn’t reach that Orgasm.

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