SEX Talk 1.1

Now I know that your questions are deep but let hear this out because it nature and Healthy for Women.

First off it kinda like orgasm exception being you feel like your pee but your not and this is simple.

Second when your ready you should have accepting your choice and this would amazing distress from the day.

This allow women to feel good about her body cause experiencing a true mindblowing experience of squirt.

Now you both will be available and you also have to be confident and comfortable for this to happen both women and the man . And you have give command about end of it. But I can promise you both have true trust of her body.

More time you do this you learn better physical skills of love and compassion and love emotionally stability it give both of you.

It just like you connect in mind and body , Now this where get your edge from. And you both have good faith love and confidence in your body to offer her this moment Bliss and moment of Ecstasy.

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