Impeach me”Please”

I am really good to America Values, I don’t hold back on the true Opportunities of handle stupid like Democrats.

Leading the stupid is no one better then Adam Schiff the California congressman Democrats , This real Impeach phony bill is the same who accept a Fake Russia Phone call. But then I know funding this who Game.

As if we didn’t know but one of the three that funded the Trump Russia dossier .with his Associates inside the Democrats Party.

Yes, Hillary Clinton had to help in the 2016 in order to get Bernie Sander outta of Presidential candidate, But then also work counter part to make sure she clear Email Scandal over 2nd server real drawing question so then turn to her husband.

Yes yes. This had the key to trouble and now with already Benefits from being president . This Give Bill Clinton the power to go a meet with Foreign leader and as for money.

And now we come to Judge and Jury of Hillary Clinton . Name James Comey , Now I’d suck if this Democrats didn’t have something with President election of 2016. And their few other.

Now see these two were leaders of the phony Trump impeachment push. Because the case going cold so they had Foreign leaders in a real Corruption of United States Elections.

Loretta Lynch as the Asset to make Hillary Clinton never saw the inside of courtroom.

Now real conversation said that between the FBI and DNC their a total $5 million on just building the lie.

Now we get true building block of this big Corruption setup and it was all for Hillary Clinton and placing Trump in this phony Impeachment. See Barack obama has to be two things for the Democrats one was President and the was cover man for this Big Lie.

Bring us up to now and what really happening with Democrats

See these four women’s have betrayed this country’s Constitution agreements and all time get what Trump cause he made American Dreams a Really and they can stand it.

Now meet the line of socialist political correctness and the lies in Washington D.C let be real your lies are clear, And so is your agenda.

Let be real about Legal Standing as far I see we liar and Anti America Lobbyists who are see their High 2 tax system failed in front of them by Donald J Trump and close down the American Dream.

FIRST TAX is earning tax

SECOND TAX is saving tax if reach $1 million your get tax again because didn’t spend your money.

Medicare 4all

Isn’t Economically sound. Cause cost would Skyrocket to up 50 trillion dollars and before long we have 1 Zillion Dollar debt.

Your paycheck would be zone out just because Democrats are try brake the American Dream.


This now available reporting and Reposting social media.

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