What you need to know?

In fact this what men and Women need to know about sexuality for good night pleasure.

1. Nerve endings are distributed differently in every woman’s vagina

Like a snowflake, each woman is unique in that her nerve endings are distributed in her genitalia differently than anyone else. That means, every woman needs to employ slightly different methods to achieve orgasm.

《this could be the news, And if you trying all time to reach you then you need to understand the male and Female Body in order to have this Great Relationship.

1.Her bosoms
Touch gently on her ..

2.Her neck

Another way to turn on ..

3.Her ankles
Surprisingly, touching and ..
Their answers were revealing: More than 36% of women reported needing clitoral stimulation to reach orgasm, while less than a fifth reported that intercourse alone was sufficient. An additional 36% said that clitoral stimulation wasn’t necessary, but made for a better orgasm.

In fact: The guys real need to focus on the women pleasure as well.

Please check this video out

Speak to real Point to live. And in really understanding.


Here Are The 7 Erogenous Zones In Women, According To Monica Geller from F.R.I.E.N.D.S
  1. Ears. Gently touch her ears. ..
  2. Lips. There’s a lot you can do on the lips. …
  3. Neck. This is the right place to plant that really sexy hickey. …
  4. Breasts. …
  5. Butt. …
  6. Inner Thighs. …
  7. Vagina

This talk will continue cause I’m to bring few local women in to to talk about this subject and I’m bring in guys to make same subject and it going to be like Open from make key point of interest.

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