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On November 7th 2019 this day will go down in history on this site.

the predecessor of riding is the dirtiest job the underwriters the shortstops the over riders and find the finalized version of a article.

So I decided to design a Blog on article for you it would make sense something that would talk to the soul of the people writing short paragraphs but a very long article.

but it’s home designation when you fall in love or you like riding you find a designer way to put words out there that makes sense you never me the true Rider inside but you do me the piece of him that has a verbal or a noun or pronoun or an adjective to help you put your life together that’s what writers are meant to do.

take me for instance the words that ride are livable they make sense I’m one person I’m 32 years old I’m single I look forward to those moments that I have where I can find my inner self I’ve learned a lot about learning about people and I continue to learn everyday.

despite the stuff that I do right I tried to write to the human side of things I can try to try to put a perspective on those things that are hard to put in perspective on such as political talk sex talk and visual empathy.

feeling bad for yourself one day can’t change the rest of your life it only has an impact if you let it doing the right thing everyday makes you a better person doing the wrong thing and repeating it over and over again makes you just as strong as when you first started.

see it’s kind of like a woman’s body the finest tool sharpened the deal and stat to the sharpest edge of the body and yet you can find so much beauty and what she wears.

and it doesn’t just go to skin deep it goes to life experience do you realize that one in every five women find love as entertainers and out of those five women at least three of them will end up in divorce court.

no concern to the fact that there’s a lot of things it going to be an entertainer you got your progressive movement you got your left movement you got your center movement in the evening at the centre of years of learning.

but the most beautiful thing any man or anybody can ever say is how they do those wonderful things they do to make us smile.

it’s just the same as me trying to make everybody else laugh about this article but I’m being serious I’m set to be happy with what I do I’m set to be happy with riding I’m set to provide sponsors I’m set to provide life experience I’m set to provide a learning experience to.

so it’s just like sex talk it makes you wonder what he’s going to say next but this type of car is perfectly acceptable in the situation because I’m writing an article based on what I’m going to be talking about which is life

if you wake up one morning and you finally realize it reading all my articles and nothing came to you after reading them then I’ve done nothing right but if you come to wake up in the morning and you find this article interesting you continue to read all my post follow me and pretty soon you want to meet me in person.

so by designer floor character or wimble one day you will see the finer tuning points of the human body and also one day you’ll see what love can really do I love you entertain I love to write in order to have all of you read it watch it alone it on YouTube and just be there as we go to the.

so when you’re reading this take some time to help me out by going and visiting my YouTube channel or follow me on Instagram Twitter and right here on my website.

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